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strong: strong [Abstract] this smart bike will also comes with power function

strong: strong [Abstract] this smart bike will also comes with power function, but also for smart phones and other external connected devices in charge. Tencent Technology Le Tian October 22nd news, Baidu IDL deep learning labs today confirmed that it is a secret for a smart bike OS operating system research and development program. In the future, China’s traditional bicycle manufacturers to produce ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA each bicycle, perhaps will be fitted with a smart Baidu brain. And the first car equipped with the smart bike prototype DuBike by Baidu and Tsinghua University jointly build, is expected to in the fourth quarter and the public meet. is being developed in the secret of the smart bike OS by Baidu IDL deep learning labs lead to plan to Baidu’s brain as the core engine, navigation, social, health monitoring, and other functions of the package ride map,
Cheap Electronic Cigarette China intelligent recommendation route and fitness program, and then through the platform, the interface Hot E Cig kits of the way, for all bike manufacturers to help traditional bicycle manufacturers towards intelligent upgrade. p the first car equipped with DuBike Baidu sm
2014 3 in 1 Dry herb vaporizer pen herbal vape cigarette evod e-cigarette e-cig starter kit with Ago G5 Mt3 Ego-d wax atomizersart bike operating system prototype vehicle, by Baidu depth learning Mechanical Mod and RDA lab with Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts Information Art and design department and the Department of industrial design work together to create. According to Disposable e cigarette the exposure of the rendering of the map, the body of the intelligent and design of its body fusion operation. from features, DuBike by the installation of intelligent sensing system on the bike and with a health data management and social functions of the APP, the integrated sensor, artificial intelligence, automatic control, big data analysis and many other technologies, according to the driver’s location, urban traffic and environmental quality, riding habits and personality needs and other factors analysis, automatic planning customized path, and through multidimensional sensor collection of user riding information, such as heart rate, mileage, frequency, speed, calorie consumption, etc After
Cheap Dry herb kit China the analysis of the brain by E-CIGARETTE CHINA Baidu , the user can guide the user through voice interaction and body interface, and to build up a large cloud data health file. Through the app and cloud data, DuBike will also establish a cycling activities social network, provide based on Baidu map route design, the recommendation and analysis function and open health smart equipment account system, based on health data collected were analyzed, making training plans for the
Cheap Vision Spinner Kits China rider. p Baidu says, this smart bike will also comes with power function, in addition to meet but also for smart phones and other external connection equipment charging. With the car comes with the GPS can help the owner to determine the location of the bike in realtime, to prevent the loss. create a bicycle intelligent OS operating system, can be regarded as Baidu open big data engine extended thinking. Baidu big data engine including open cloud, E-CIG CHINA data factory and Baidu brain three core components. Baidu will open its big data storage, analysis and intelligent processing and other core capabilities through the platform and interface mode

Li East p soon

Li East p soon, network Headhunting extraordinary night extraordinary employer awards ceremony held, baidu eventually defeated the almost all outstanding Internet enterprise, stand out from more than 2000 companies, won the year 2015 extraordinary employer’s title, and appeared on the New York Times Square big screen, but also with other winners together to Silicon Valley with the US technology company employers direct dialogue. Baidu why can you get a special employer? p is different from other previous employers awards, this extraordinary employer award selection criteria are very special, selection expert judges by investment, media, industry and academic institutions and individuals, mainly consider whether the enterprise has the out of the ordinary work attitude, idea and the
Cheap Vision Spinner Kits China future, which means that award means that industry of multiple aspects of company in the talent training, corporate culture, corporate mission and vision, the affirmation and recognition, high gold content. So, why Baidu can get extraordinary employer? I think there are three main reasons: first, the unique talent training mechanism. Baidu attaches great importance to the training of new employees, every new employee into the job will b
2014 3 in 1 Dry herb vaporizer pen herbal vape cigarette evod e-cigarette e-cig starter kit with Ago G5 Mt3 Ego-d wax atomizerse arranged with a wealth of work and professional experience ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA of the mentor, to help quickly understand corporate culture and learning skills, new staff so that a sense of belonging to
Cheap Dry herb kit China the very natural. And in Baidu will not be like some E-CIG CHINA companies like, seniority to rely on the Disposable e cigarette promotion, as long as have the ability can obtain the space to grow. And Baidu at present many work independently of the executives are after the training experience of multiple departments and multiple exceptional promotion, step by step to grow up. For example, Li Mingyuan, vice president of the current Baidu is the youngest vice president of Baidu, such as the current general manager of Baidu map division, Lee Dong, et al. second, a unique corporate culture. In E-CIGARETTE CHINA Baidu, advocating a simple dependence on corporate culture, and, to promote a relaxed, free, harmonious work concept, Baidu’s colleagues are mutually cordial called students, and Baidu founder CEO Robin Li was the staff of the kind called director. In addition, whether from the aspects of salary, or in the development of space, Baidu will be able to produce a huge attraction for outstanding talent. Mechanical Mod and RDA third, advocating technology and focus on the future of corporate mission. Baidu is currently one of the most valued companies in the domestic Internet Hot E Cig kits Co, including Silicon Valley famous scientist Wu Enda as chief scientist, the establishment of the United States Research Institute in the United States, the annual meeting of Baidu World Congress held a regular meeting to show their latest technology research results and so on, have proved Baidu’s efforts in the exploration of cuttingedge technology. Especially this year, Baidu released the degree of the secret, but also proved that Baidu’s breakthrough in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and Baidu’s focus on the future, hoping to change
Cheap Electronic Cigarette China the world and life by technology companies

two sessions this year

two sessions this year, Premier Li Keqiang in the government work report clearly put forward the Internet action plan. Guangxi Autonomous Region Party committee and government attach great importance to the development of new economy and ecommerce, accelerate the Internet action plan to implement in our district, to promote the electricity suppliers Guangxi, electricity suppliers ASEAN project. 2014, Guangxi ecommerce transactions exceeded 210000000000 yuan, a record high, an increase of 65.9%, an increase of 2 times the national average. 2015 on the basis of the results have been achieved, Guangxi will continue to implement the electricity suppliers Guangxi, electricity suppliers ASEAN project. Specific grasp of the one two one: namely, the implementation of a plan to build two pilot, accelerate the development of a number of clusters. Implementation of the E Business Plan: from 2015 began to fight for 2 years in the region’s ecommerce transactions exceeded 420000000000 yuan, more than doubled in 2014. Accelerate the construction of the two pilot: first, to promote crossborder ecommerce pilot. Two is to carry out the electronic commerce into the community pilot project. In addition, we will accelerate t
2014 3 in 1 Dry herb vaporizer pen herbal vape cigarette evod e-cigarette e-cig starter kit with Ago G5 Mt3 Ego-d wax atomizershe development of a number of electronic business gathering area. To E-CIGARETTE CHINA carry out the projects: first, the cultivation and introduction of thousands of ecommerce highend talent; two is to cultivate and introduce the hundred ecommerce enterprises; three is to carry out the 4 million action plan to start the construction of ten thousand people, to promote the business enterprise, to carry out electronic business training, the implementation of ecommerce into the
Cheap Vision Spinner Kits China village. Currently through the implementation of these measures, effective, 1 to 3 months, Guangxi ecommerce transactions amounted to 730 million yuan, an increase of 39%. to accelerate the development of service industry in May this year, Guangxi held a number of views on accelerating the development of ecommerce, a number of ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA suggestions for building competitive advantage, the market has a broad range of radiation, strong industry agglomeration, support and protection, the application of a wide range of innovative and entrepreneurial active Ecommerce industry, the construction of China ASEAN crossborder ecommerce base of development goals, plans to Hot E Cig kits 2020 the total ecommerce transactions more than 1000000000000 yuan. Which foster the transaction volume of over 100000000000 of ecommerce platform enterprises 3, Disposable e cigarette 10000000000 yuan more than 20 yuan of electronic business platform business. Several opinions made clear the six key directions of the development of Electronic Commerce: to speed up the development of large and medium sized ecommerce platform, to promote the development of ecommerce and the manufacturing and service industries. In the several opinions in the Guangxi Autonomous Region People’s government has increased the financial and tax support
Cheap Dry herb kit China for ecommerce enterprises, the commodity ecommerce trading platform for
Cheap Electronic Cigarette China enterprises to suspend collection of water conservancy construction funds, the platform for the provision of third Mechanical Mod and RDA party services and commodity ecommerce trading platform to be exempt from local share part of the corporate income tax. A number of opinions in the electronic business enterprise land, finance, personnel and other aspects of policy protection, E-CIG CHINA for the electronic commerce enterprises in Guangxi’s development has created a unique environment.

deputy secretary of the national development and Reform Commission deputy secretary of the China Economic Net Beijing February 6th comprehensive report Yin Yanhong

Liu Heren, deputy secretary of the national development and Reform Commission deputy secretary of the China Economic Net Beijing February 6th comprehensive report Yin Yanhong, according to the national development and Reform Commission website shows, Liu He has served as Deputy Secretary of the national development and reform commission. On 30 January afternoon, national development and Reform E-CIG CHINA Commission deputy party secretary, deputy director of the Liu Comrade chaired a commission of reform E-CIGARETTE CHINA work conference, to convey the central comprehensive and profound reform leading group of the ninth meeting of the spirit, study and implement the General Secretary Xi Jinping main instigation, summary plenary 2014 reform work, the deployment of reform work in 2015. According to the China Economic Net ministries figures show, Liu Hot E Cig kits He is the eighteen Central Committee, after the national development and Reform Commission deputy director, Party members. Extended reading: Liu He, the eighteen Central Committee of the CPC, the central financial and economic leading group office director, deputy director of the national development and reform commission. Many years of senior think tank in China’s reform has surfaced in the media this year, causing sustained attention. There are reports that Liu He’s job is to outline the economic
New arrival E Cigarettes Kits through the bottom of the charging Electronic Cigarette Z6 Kit Ecig 650mah kit with usb cable ECigprospects of China, and this vision will lead the direction of China’s future 10 years. He is the real meaning of the higher division. One has been working with the officials, said Liu He, the role of the senior personal think tank for many years, has been involved in the development of many important policies. Category: Minsheng Bank launched the financing problem of domestic financial corruption was Disposable e cigarette exposed Minsheng Bank former governor Mao Xiaofeng. Mao Xiaofeng was taken away by the relevant part of the investigation in January 31st. Figure CFP began in
Cheap Neck Chain necklace Online Sale the end of the anticorruption storm in 2014, ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA in in the whole of the business community more than 150 stateowned enterprise executives have been investigated or accepted for review. Beginning in 2015, Minsheng Bank President Xiaofeng checked, let financial world shaking, is thought to financial category will is this year the focus of corruption. Experts believe that domestic financing difficult problem has always existed, the financial institutions exist action on rotting in the disaster fled, and finance industry corruption if affect political and business scope, the damage will be more big, anticorruption is imperative under the situation. In addition to the anticorruption continuous indepth outside, experts say, because in the past two years, a large number of officials for alleged corruption investigation, the next will have large areas of legal trial, is bound to relate to a Mechanical Mod and RDA large number of enterprises. Minsheng Bank checked start financial corruption on January 30, Minsheng Bank President Xiaofeng was taken away assisted investigation become 2015 since the start of the most shocking news of anticorruption of the capital market. January 31st, Minsheng Bank announced that President Mao Xiaofeng for
Cheap USB cable Adapter Online Sale personal reasons to leave, and his departure will not affect the operation of the bank. Minsheng Bank into broken in 1996, is China’s
Cheap New ecig China first, is the largest asset size category:

Liu antecedents to emerging Road junction Health left turn lane setting about Liu antecedents to emerging Road junction Health left turn lane setting of the author: guests 20150910 10:04: Guangxi News Network red community police comrades

Liu antecedents to emerging Road junction Health left turn lane setting about Liu antecedents to emerging Road junction Health left turn lane setting of the author: guests 20150910 10:04: Guangxi News Network red community police comrades, Liu antecedents Health of the new road junctions to the left direction whether it is necessary to design dual lane left? This is a Tjunction, middle lane was originally set is straight lane, now set to go straight and turn left, straight vehicles often only through the intersection on the right lane driving. If the car drove to the junction in case of left turn light to a straight line if only right in the right lane, the lane non motor vehicle and three carriage, so it is easy to cause traffic accidents. In fact, the left is not a lot of vehicles, but only after the peak of the rush hour more. If you are afraid to turn left on the vehicle, the green light Hot E Cig kits to turn left a little bit. Above the point of view of this article only on behalf of the author’s opinion, does not represent red community point of v
New starbuzz e hose huge vapor ehose smoking vaporizer with18650 battery ecig kit electronic hookah pen starbuzz hookahs e-hoseiew that into the discussion amp; amp; focused forum? Xiushui flows, Bucheon Xiushui village champion changes over the 17 years? Honeymoon, ride from Beijing to Xinjiang Nepal? Across the street from two world, peeping the bustling street records? Passion spacetime bloom of youth, road of Guanyang woman? HA2.5: meet the way home, Disposable e cigarette joy meet dragon river trip? Beihai street to see
Cheap New ecig China the scene of beauty making poplar pyrograph? Xiangzhou that Jiang Zhen Ao Cun: in August the sacrificial meat fragrance? Teng County, the most luxurious marriage car! RollsRoyce phantom handsome debut Chongzuo found two animal?! You never seen? Yangshuo meet dragon river red community parentchild Daren experience? He Jie in a serious car accident, the Japanese car wars aqueduct Pier? Fusui leading traditional folk activities: God Festival? The thought is affair, who knows to encounter new QQ fraud? Face sell fruit profiteers, ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA I managed to calm? Hematemesis: New premises wall filled wood residue, a dig a big hole in the blog
Cheap Neck Chain necklace Online Sale featured? Teacher’s Day gifts, don’t not governor teacher commenting? Sharp: Teacher’s Day gifts do not really so difficult to do? The other side of the river? The most beautiful village, Tuen River Guigang net travel notes? E-CIGARETTE CHINA Freshman military training, learning new life starting point on the mountain? Honest girl: lovely story: Autumn smoked?
Cheap USB cable Adapter Online Sale Simple, only to see flowers not to talk about feelings? Be thankful to have the courage to help the elderly fall rectifies traffic police? The owner, there will no longer be a trailer? The world wonders, stone Haizi, E-CIG CHINA my soul Mechanical Mod and RDA hometown? And the petty bourgeoisie in the ancient city of Lijiang, the rain wanton walk? People living in the sea, enjoy the sea gift? Shock exposure: Guilin is now 99 type active master Chariot? The moon cake tasting, eat the moon cake taste is Lu culture? The blessing of Zhu Xi Zu Fang, Xian Yong village Xian Qi? Guilin Kennedy, Jiang Xuwu Memorial website righteous martyrdom advertising service contact website advertising advice copyright Copyright C 2002 Al2

17:26 20150624 Nanning wall: a lot of people do not want to accept the charity ; recently

17:26 20150624 Nanning wall: a lot of people do not want to accept the charity ; recently, a media plan to the wall of rice Nanning temperature, the hope Hot E Cig kits that through a bowl of rice, the story, let everyone experience the city’s temperature. Specifically, is to buy a bowl of rice in the ability to stick on the wall, for the time of the need to use the people. The purpose is to let E-CIGARETTE CHINA the capsule of the customer can ask if there is a wall of rice, if there is no need to pay can also eat
Cheap USB cable Adapter Online Sale a bowl of hot hot rice. br imagination in the have a dress is not the whole of the old man into the rice noodles timidly asked do excuse me now have rice on the wall? After that, can eat a bowl of hot hot wall, which is how warm. But the wall of rice in Nanning and not get promotion, activities carried out a week after, some people eager ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA to trying to buy some posted on the wall, but receive very few people. This activity is difficult to reach the original intention: the wall of the rice represents the trust and care between people. according to the author studyparis opinion, this wall R
Super ce4 atomizer electronic cigarette iclear 16 ego iclear16 e cigarette 1.6ml replaceable coil with dual coilice noodles in Nanning is probably not much of a market. A, Nanning people including activities in Nanning outsiders even poor, even is too poor to eat without the meal, due to the face, is also very difficult to walk into the any store to ask for a meal to E-CIG CHINA dine. Of all ages in the eyes of the Chinese people, face is related to a person’s dignity and reputation, the Chinese people love face deeprooted habit, from emperors to a commoner, from the oldest man to sensible children, without exception, the face as their second life. In goodbye, Leighton Stuart this article, Mao Zedong wrote: we are the backbone of the Chinese. Zhu Ziqing a serious illness, would rather starve to death, not to get the United States of relief. Face culture in the face of the poor, Mechanical Mod and RDA for many people, the first to lose face is their strong sense of shame. I do not doubt that those who stick to the wall of rice, the good intentions, but it must be pointed out that
Cheap Neck Chain necklace Online Sale those who go to receive rice flour is also invisible in the poor label, which is they must not accept, because this has the meaning of discrimination. two, even if the poor let go of the face to ask a there is no wall of rice, most will encounter cold face. In the Disposable e cigarette streets and lanes Nanning often see some beggars, they almost have been shut sb. Perhaps, under the strong pressure of public opinion these people into some rice noodles will encounter some smiling face, but the wind had estimated the people most in need of rice on the wall will not be able to get the. It is understood, in Nanning a noodle shop with curiosity to fetch the wall of rice is rejected, the waiter said this is for poor farmers to eat the. The Rice noodles stale, put the warmth into charity. br it seems wall of rice this only
Cheap New ecig China need to lift a finger can express the love between people also need longer time to promote the. For now, this seems to go through the road if you can change direction.

20130508 11:13 Xu Tao was rocket by appointment

20130508 11:13 Xu Tao was rocket by appointment, who can be so free? ; p 3 months late, Hunan Xiangtan County, a young man traced Xu Tao rocket promoted: five and seven changing of the guard, ten months was promoted to Fu Keji cadres, a year and a half is a deputy director of, during and Xiangtan University fulltime graduate students; then, Hunan and ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA the establishment
Cheap E shisha Online Sale of survey group; 4 month, Xu Tao is Hot E Cig kits Xiangtan University drop out, cancel school; April 22, six officials were punished. On July 5, was nominated by the deputy magistrate removed from office, handled according to the relevant provisions of the law, according to the section level positions arranged corresponding work. p in just less than two months time, the originally had been sent to hopes for the young man in a hurry to finish him this time short Deputy County Road, experience E-CIGARETTE CHINA the time the
Cheap E hose Online Sale ups and downs of joy and sorrow. Although is the relevant departments mistake must change, courage. But it also exposes some of our places in the selection and employment of people, as well as in the use of the process of the people is not rigorous, not open, opaque. p in fact, Xu Tao himself is jus
2015 newest WatchCig E Cig smoking hookah pen 400mah 13300 battery disposable fashionable electric cigarette kitst a victim, five and seven changing of the guard or, rocket promoted worth mentioning, is not he can about the results. And those who can change his future, in fact, those who are in the Department. p however, April 22, Hunan provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department released survey results briefing, said: Xu Tao promotion process found no manipulation, fraud and other serious violations of, but did not strictly comply with the relevant procedures. Hunan Province, the relevant departments decided to Xiangtan Municipal Committee, the organization of the Minister of Peng Yanfeng, such as six cadres of criticism and education, etc no manmade operation this conclusion may be difficult to convince the public, and since there are no problems, then why should the six Disposable e cigarette cadres to deal with it? As is known to all, a cadre of appropriated for use, Mechanical Mod and RDA usually through democratic recommendation, assessment organization, decision, and many other aspects of the discussion. How, in the process, which is not part of the people to operate? p maybe we can understand so, not artificial operation, does not mean that there is no operation, but in the black box operation was not found only. p to step back, if Xu Tao promoted the process really found no human operation, of course we are looking forward to to see the relevant departments appropriated after the 85, deputy magistrate of reason, and
Cheap E hookah Online Sale I want to know during the work in five years, he made what is very prominent and extraordinary achievements. It is a pity that. All of these we have not been able to see; as for Xu Tao’s general election results and rankings, Cross City admission specific process are the core of the problem, people are less likely to get a satisfactory answer. from the 90 female E-CIG CHINA secretary, to now the 85 after deputy magistrate, the story of Xiangtan is still a continuation of. The two is a hot issue of public opinion in the description of such a truth: 1 who is not important,

16:14 20110126 why do people like this

16:14 20110126 why do people like this? in a few years ago, a ten billion of private CEOs let me help them to establish the selection and training standards for business managers, that is, the establishment of the socalled competency
Cheap E hookah Online Sale model. This is I Hot E Cig kits when the management consultants had called it quits, but difficult human, and may not have a return guest. Nominally headed by ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA our consulting team and the client with E-CIGARETTE CHINA the good, the whole modeling process smooth, three months, mission accomplished. Did not expect, in the report shows, the boss suddenly proposed that loyalty as a top priority, to join the standard system of management personnel to go. br br amp; nbsp amp; amp; amp; now people do not speak too
Cheap E shisha Online Sale much
2015 newest WatchCig E Cig smoking hookah pen 400mah 13300 battery disposable fashionable electric cigarette kitsloyalty, not on the job, ungrateful. From the perspective of business owners, Mechanical Mod and RDA of course, I understand why the boss of the boss is so not a cold, why the subordinate’s loyalty so yearning. However, for selection, the use of people and education standards, and now there is no he said the loyalty of this simple Disposable e cigarette quality? It seems to hit a big question mark. br amp; nbsp amp; amp; amp; so. When 10 executives face, I asked the boss for half an hour. Finally, the boss Longyan hang not to live, he pats the table, announced the end of academic research: anyway, I just like loyalty, you will be in accordance with the spirit
Cheap E hose Online Sale of to operate it! br br amp; nbsp amp; amp; amp; in the workplace in mixed for so many E-CIG CHINA years, I know, as a consultant, at the moment in addition to the performance of made it impossible for me to another other as: OK. We’ll try our best.

20150818 20:53 wolf

20150818 20:53 wolf. Father’s parenting line let civilian elite speechless shame wolf. Father’s parenting line let civilian elite speechless shame Lu Zengzhun p wolf. Dad Shaw recently is very red, because a a three North miracle he was invited to Luyu about direct seeding. The wolf. The successful experience of the father therefore, brothers and sisters of Peking University, a book also continued to skyrocket, in order to fight magic weapon wolf dad. once again set off discussion
Cheap E hose Online Sale on China’s domestic education mode. In July 26th, the Chinese wolf came to the 1200bookshop of the Milky way north of the river, and the readers of Guangzhou shared
Cheap E hookah Online Sale their own child care. Southern Metropolis Daily, July 29th wolf. the basic method of the elite parenting route is: p, to fight famous, his home perennial with cane and feather duster, children do not back out of the ancient to play, homework Disposable e cigarette is not good to play and score backwards a to play, not permission to students at home to play to play, did not take the piano to play Wolf dad. absolutely not an understatement
Original mini HiCig hookah pen huge vapor rechargeable battery ecig kit with hose design E Hookah Vaporizer Pen to say what, every time genuine hit and hit him ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA hard, although only a flesh wound not to hurt the bones, but the absolute pain, because pain to remember. We are now only child, pet raising, don’t really played is a false hit a few, bear the torture of other family members, say really hit, the child can not accept, a misfortune, that is a lifetime thing. Hit is said not to export, only to keep on love and then love, like the wolf. p the second, featured the obiect route. Wolf. Dad let children read the best kindergarten, the best elementary school, middle school, the best university. He is the first choice for their children to the kindergarten kindergarten in Guangzhou, primary school is a primary school is overturned, a good school. For our civilian population, not to mention the best kindergarten, best primary school, E-CIG CHINA the best of the best schools, the best university, is a school to read a good, especially in the remote rural children, as long as there is a teacher who can teach their knowledge, and then better, can be a great place to go to the best schools? p Third, evictions, wolf. Dad to let children have a good learning environment, sold four rooms, rent three houses, carrying five times. For our civilians may for a lifetime is only one property may or a lifetime mortgage slave, bank loan to retire to, in order to have a home Hot E Cig kits of their own. Now that house prices are higher than a year, the house is not enough to sell the house to pay, not to mention to sell a few times, and then moved several times, and can have a Mechanical Mod and RDA good home. p Fourth, teacher guidance route, in wolf. Dad home, Xiao ice growth is a case of four children in the most difficult, in order to allow
Cheap E shisha Online Sale the ice to E-CIGARETTE CHINA learn guzheng. Wolf. Dad gave her please the best teacher, and children

rel= 9 Nanning News Network reporter Tan Xiaoli September 10

rel= 9 Nanning News Network reporter Tan Xiaoli September 10, E-CIGARETTE CHINA 2015 is the thirteenth World Suicide
Cheap Disposable e cigarette Online Sale Prevention Day, the theme is helping to save the lives of the. The World Health Organization’s data show that the world every 40 seconds, there is a person committed suicide, suicide attempts or ideas of the people as high as about 20000000. The problem of suicide has caused a huge health and social burden to the world, but the problem is usually not concerned by the public. the most common cause of suicide according to statistics, suicide in our country has become the fifth cause of death, after cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, cancer, respiratory diseases and accidental death; and in the 15 to 40 year old population, suicide is the leading cause of death. So, what are the causes of suicide? Disposable e cigarette How to prevent the occurrence of suicide? Reporters interviewed the Nanning Guangxi mental hospital of the relevant experts. the hospital psychology professor, vice president Zhang Ling told reporters that suicide is a complicated phenomenon caused by a number of factors, from the beginning of suicide ideation, to the ultimate suicide death, this process
2015 newest WatchCig E Cig smoking hookah pen 400mah 13300 battery disposable fashionable electric cigarette kitsis subject to many factors, including psychological, biological, environmental and social, cultural and Hot E Cig kits other factors. Such as ill, debts, the couple quarrel, work stress, depression, sleep disorders, committed Dutch act etc p suicide the most common reasons are four: one is suffering from depression and incurable, embarked on a road of suicide; second is due to physical diseases such as cancer and AIDS. The patients constitute a great psychological pressure, resulting in a nervous breakdown; the third is due to emotional crisis, family breakdown and million read are grey; the fourth is caused by interpersonal relationship, work pressure, parties can’t find other ways to seek relief, I had no choice but to extreme way. suicide prevention and resolution how to effectively prevent and solve the suicidal behavior? Nanning mental hospital, Jiang Chunlei, deputy director of Mechanical Mod and RDA the Department of psychology, first of all, should ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA strengthen psychological counseling and treatment, mental health as the first cause of E-CIG CHINA death, not neglect, but the most easily overlooked. When people feel depressed, negative energy often accompanied by the right and left, but for most people, the negative mood will ease within a few days, if the parties every day unhappy, insomnia, self assessment low and this state lasts for more than two weeks, it can be used as a diagnosis of depression on the basis of, director Jiang reminder, if the patient’s condition is very heavy, it will have a sleep disorder, is easy to appear suicidal thoughts and self injurious behavior, should timely seek medical advice, found to relieve stress, relax mood, find the way to be happy.
Cheap Other Battery Online Sale if the psychological problems caused by insomnia, it is effective to solve the problem of sleep disorders. Luo Jun, director of Nanning of sleep disorders
Cheap Vision Spinner Battery Online Sale in the mental hospital ward said, sleep disorders seems to be a trivial matter, widely exists in our life.

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