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[2014] present concern innovation company said: mobile phone on gift giving master Chinese gifts send tobacco epidemic of tea

[2014] present concern innovation company said: mobile phone on gift giving master Chinese gifts send tobacco epidemic of tea, the foreign flowers, cake, chocolate is, beyond the three sample gadgets are collectively referred to as the fourth kind of gift. Wen Liu Chen Wencheng Fai 21 year old called themselves veteran. As a freshman he started his first company to do Q Campus Edition postcards, then simply School of business. Gift to say strict calculation is already his fourth products. The team members of the majority of Wen Chenghui students in Zhongshan University, followed him to drop out of school to venture in Beijing, and a small part from the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications recruited from a total of 9 people, up to the end of 7 has just launched App. gift said to like creative young people provides the create new styles gifts the UI design with small fresh style is like the 90. The young girl is a gift that main user group, boy inside the most wanted gift a kind of Raiders is extremely easy to attract them to click. Wen Chenghui said, 15 to 25 year old young people every day facing students, family birthday is coming, what should I send good trouble, these troubles can ferret 1000000000 in Baidu and Google on. So, want to make a gift to say based on the personalized demand 90 gifts gift company. indirect opponent with the warm island Wencheng Fai shows product data present said: online a month to download 1000000, 400000 registered users, daily active volume of around 10%, the daily UV at 3 50000. This result depends on the team in the promotion of handy they are good at catching the hot spot, such as in the microblog cartoonist cooperation with 5000000 fans, forwarding microblog send postcards, a postcard with a bar code, code scanning can save the sound, become a talking postcard. A postcard can bring two users, we do in mobile B2C based on the content, try to make it convenient and interesting. And like any time to launch small game. In August, WeChat when friends game surround nerve cat fire, gift to say soon follow, do a get girls down Wang Xiaoming, as long as the user download gift said playing this game and leave the address, you can get a prize. USA designed to do the gift of listing Corporation, but Chinese yet, Wen Chenghui think this is because Chinese gift market has always been tobacco tea firmly occupy in the past, but now with the rise of 90 consumption ability, tobacco and tea market will be more and more small. The first smoke must not pumping, the civil service market has been strangled, this batch of enterprises must transition. The wine less, drink is a kind of Wine gift wine, XO, Moutai less. Tea for young people is even more rare. Do you think cannot do without things before, and now think don’t seem particularly important. After 80 is like flowers, cake, chocolate

lead: Luo Tingxia Alice

lead: Luo Tingxia Alice, Yong Xuan Shenzhen partners on Demo8 online interview, answered the questions of market segments of the user demand point, investors in the pro gaze point and equity crowdfunding model etc Luo Tingxia Alice, Yong Xuan Shenzhen partner. Is mainly responsible for the TMT area of investment, leading the investment and management of multiple projects, involving industry and areas including animation, online games, mobile advertising, foreign trade business, the combination of hardware and software, the Internet finance. Alice graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science has successfully set up a education training institutions and a foreign trade dealer company. Work because the interest from private equity fund companies to enter the job hopping of Tencent, was responsible for international business development, business cooperation and strategic analysis of duties. 1 month 26 afternoon, Alice’s Demo8 online interview we answered the question about, the main market segments of the user demand point, investors in the pro gaze point and equity crowdfunding model etc In his view, in an angel round period, will focus more on the background of the founding team, and if to A after round, will attach more importance to the project itself, including data etc Alice says she is very optimistic about the future of industry of 4 mode, namely consumer demand, meet the needs of enterprise production through the integration of good logistics network and then output to consumers. The following Q amp; a record selected for : Q: we often hear a notion is that Venture Company don’t try to do it on the platform, we want to become a XXX platform of global XXX Nive out of ten will not to do, but should be cut from a breakdown of the market demand, and then expand the borrowing strength bigger longitudinal and transverse. But now the TMT market is becoming more and more segmentation, many Venture Company may be just starting to do is to resolve a demand point some even are not necessarily pain point, but later on the face of the development and transition, want to do platform. Take the investment may live longer, but still not resolved. Don’t know what do you think of A: actually, we are very optimistic about starting from a demand point, because for Venture Company, begin to do platform is very difficult, means that the supply and demand of the need to get at both ends, and cut a dot easier, and through the dots to meet demand, then gathered user, do platform will be easy many, like the spicy mother help, these big aunt, I feel just fine. Q: for example, social networking is still very fire, but do not do social is platform? Anonymous social, the stranger social, social, social video pictures is to solve a demand point, an endless stream of new products, the starting point of all kinds of different, to seek the person of hometown, looking for foreigners, to find the right one and so on, but most of the or to the extend that step is often into a bottleneck. A: most of the social class

November 12

November 12, 2011, Zhou Yongkang middle, in Bo Xilai right accompanied the inspection etc March 17th, Chinese discipline inspection report the president of the Supreme People’s Court published articles of Zhou Qiang, first proposed by Zhou Yongkang, Bo Xilai engaged in non political organizing. In March 18th, the highest law work to the people’s Court released annual report 2014 white paper, the report reiterated, education officers to fully understand Zhou Yongkang, Bo Xilai and others trample on the rule of law, the destruction of the unity of the party, serious harm to engage in non political organizing. in March 19th, the Beijing News since the eighteen big since, our country anticorruption activities, carried out like a raging fire, but also achieved good results. From the small tiger to fly to beat the big tiger; from the reign of retirement; from the domestic to have fled abroad Coupled with the punishment not standing committee, event not tiger unspoken rule breaking, anticorruption work, has won enough popular support. This result highlights the central departments, from illness to resolve, this is consistent with the expectations of all parties. For now, dare not rot trend has taken shape, the system construction can’t rot is on the way, do not want to rot cultural atmosphere is also building. with the advance of corruption, some new words appear, activities of political non organization so times. The word in March 17th and March 18th for two consecutive days, began to attract public attention: non political organization activities is what meaning? What do u mean? Zhou Yongkang, Bo Xilai and other non organization engaged in political activities is what? In this regard, famous expert of Party building, Central Party School professor Zhang Xixian said, in the past research, has not contacted the ‘non political organization activities’ word, non organizational activities in Party building is the idiom, non political organization activities is the first time I have heard. at this point, if you want to know the non political organization activities means, we must first know the non organizational activities is what mean. The word back is actually very easy to see, but the meaning is similar to the Tuan Tuan Gang Gang, is the cadre of a few leaders engage in turf, with each other to form cliques, will continue to promote; for outsiders, is being crowded out. This reality, lead to good fight as popular with the right people atmosphere. The formation of mountain, circle culture, is a manifestation of non organization activities, but if let go of their development, it may evolve into a non political organization activities. for non tissue

the global market size of $25000000000 Mobile Games mobile game

in 2014, the global market size of $25000000000 Mobile Games mobile game, game player number up to 1500000000; and the China game industry production total operating income reached 152000000000 yuan, an increase of 29000000000 yuan more than 123000000000 yuan in 2013. Behind another game company successfully listed in the game industry, in the mobile Internet to promote the value of mining. game as the main model of the Internet, has always been an important cash channel major Internet companies listed. Maintain Tencent, Baidu, NetEase 360 shares of listing Corporation, such as Internet, it cannot do without them vigorously developing the game business, it is no exaggeration to say that, to promote the Chinese Internet game. According to Analysys of data, 2013 China Mobile Games market size of 13900000000, is expected to reach 52800000000 in 2017 20132017 years, compound annual growth rate of 39.6%; and in 2013 the mobile marketing market scale is 13400000000, is expected to 2017 years up to 110800000, 20132017 compound annual growth rate of 69.6%. With the rapid development of mobile Internet, smart devices China Mobile number of ascension, but also greatly promote the development of Chinese Mobile Games market. 2014 in the third quarter, Tencent mobile phone game revenues reached 2600000000 yuan, Tencent has become the largest Mobile Games development forces. In the final analysis, Tencent can gain advantage, still lies in its WeChat and hand Q two mobile game distribution platform. While unfamiliar street as the Tencent after second domestic social field, will undoubtedly have a considerable potential. private VS open, two branches of WeChat and unfamiliar street WeChat as based on a mail list of social acquaintances products, games and business is an WeChat form an additional service formed after acquaintance social platform, is derived for the improvement of social experience. While social acquaintances are the most important thing, is to maintain the existing social relations of acquaintances. social acquaintances, privacy is characteristics of telephone, SMS and other similar acquaintances social channels, WeChat is no exception. After WeChat began to open up the game business, WeChat game is to private development, he will make full use of acquaintance of the severe social value, also called WeChat social resources and circle of friends and other social functions. when the user recommended a game of the social friends, make friends with the chance to play, because the common interest between acquaintances, acquaintances trust between strangers than generally is more intense, the depth of social value in the WeChat has a huge social acquaintances user case, can let WeChat made an obvious advantage in personal development. This makes Tencent recommended mild social game, through viral social dissemination of the chain, can be an easy job to achieve success. But as for some channels need to continue to recommend heavy game, chain WeChat often seem powerless.

Cunningham division

Cunningham division, Wang Jingwei belongs to the Wuhan faction, he and Jiang Jieshi had a competition, so the appearance He Xin incompatibility. But he is the representative of the old Kuomintang forces, are following Sun Zhongshan, Jiang Jieshi is born in the barrel of a gun. Wang Jingwei speech inciting sex is very strong, also organized, but can not really work, never tried. He made Jiang Jieshi deputy is reluctant, so from Nanjing for the first time to retreat to Wuhan, then retreated to Chongqing, Wuhan in short time, he will speak peace, to negotiate. Not move, negotiating when out of time to the founding of the PRC, called lowkey club, Mr Hu Shi is a member of lowkey club. When the most difficult, poor people all in, really have a fixed fight. Wang Jingwei think, again our country will perish, not endure humiliation. So Wang Jingwei volunteered to make peace, not Jiang Jieshi sent him, Jiang Jieshi did not have the ability, two people do not have the friendship. Wang Jingwei thinks, the Japanese also fought hard, but also peace feelers. Japan’s intention is to vacate this part strength, Chinese resources plus, hit the Pacific War at sea. Wang Jingwei is stupid, he did not expect to sign the treaty is completely stuck fast, he thought like the Southern Song Dynasty Pianan move, until the treaty signing out, he is too late. This treaty, stopped Tao Xisheng leave. Wang Jingwei can’t run away, his hand is Chen Gongbo these people, so when his government team no one, is a Japanese to his organization, let him not tube North China also. He even doesn’t live in Northern Jiangsu, Hao Pengju these local forces sometimes cast central, sometimes throw Japan, sometimes throwing puppet, sometimes and the New Fourth Army cooperation, Hao Peng held half of North Jiangsu, the New Fourth Army has occupied half of North jiangsu. to be honest, Wang Jingwei probably didn’t want to be a traitor, he might have thought that for countries to leave some room, earn some time. Wang Jingwei painstakingly, he is not for their own power, he thought like the Southern Song Dynasty as. The Southern Song Dynasty Pianan is the emperor’s claim, we can’t blame the Qin hui. The ancient and modern difference is not occupied Ling’an Jinbing, and Japanese occupied Nanjing. The second difference, the Japanese army is a modern army, Jin forces with the Southern Song Dynasty is not much difference. The Southern Song Dynasty of the situation, the government cannot command the big four. The big four are warlords, forces are not given by the country, are themselves. Yue Fei to Zongze under a small force, playing elsewhere force. Every time the diminution of local forces, he picked the elite into his army, with local forces contribute to wealth protection, he is on the growth of. Because he has the rich pay, the army is selected, so the Yue army in the foot benign rates, the government cannot command he. back to the war of resistance against Japan is concerned, Feng Yuxiang, Song Zheyuan, Zhang Zizhong as the force. Fu Zuoyi finally signed a contract with the Communists in Peiping, but during the war of resistance against Japan, Fu Zuoyi’s army alone bitter guard in Northern Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia, he stopped Japanese, protecting the Northern Shaanxi; Zhang Zizhong Dutch act martyred; Feng

lead: mobile medical full of opportunities

lead: mobile medical full of opportunities, but also in urgent need of resources integration. Look forward to a person with breadth of vision to open the door to mobile health! now, the shortage of highquality medical resources nervous, Doctorpatient Communication Co., patient management. How to change the patient’s cognition and behavior to become urgent to solve the problem of medical effect. Seek good size must comply with the policy changes, the industry also need a surprise move. The mobile medical in the ascendant in realtime, ubiquitous characteristics will have significant benefits to patient management. according to the State Council issued the health service industry development ideas, in 2020 the total size of the health service industry reached 8 yuan and above. In 2013, China Mobile medical market scale of 2250000000 yuan, is expected in 2017 will reach 12000000000 yuan. Along with the technical innovation, a variety of emerging, and ecological circle mature, a part of the mobile medical treatment will be the health service industry can not be ignored. mobile medical full of opportunities, but also in urgent need of resources integration. Thus, the global and Chinese pharmaceutical industry leader Pfizer Inc Pfizer special joint, the Hong Hui capital, shell agency, entrepreneurial state and the medical profession top experts jointly held innovation E therapy business competition, to jointly explore the future mode of medical service, the excavation and support of great potential business team, to provide better medical care the majority of services for Chinese patients. it is understood that the contest will be held in Beijing in January 31, 2015, included two parts: Among them , mobile medical Roundtable will invite Pfizer managers, wellknown venture capital institutions partner, medical experts, outstanding entrepreneurs, to discuss the current situation and development direction of mobile medical. at the same time, activities will also focus on mobile medical topics, related business projects roadshow, and by the honored guest to the entrepreneurial projects, and indepth study of entrepreneurial team score. The winning team will get a bonus, signed letters of intent to invest field, and it is possible to obtain venture capital institutions and Pfizer Inc funding and resources to support. has a huge opportunities for innovation of mobile medical door, looking forward to a person with breadth of vision to jointly open! The Organizing Committee now invite mobile medical field of entrepreneurial team gongxiangshengju. Pay attention to mobile medical industry, entrepreneurial projects aimed at improving patient experience, improve the therapeutic effect of the team can sign up to participate in the competition. let us join hands in creating a healthy China! [] project requirements theme: improved medical experience, improve the therapeutic effect of considers the overall solution, but is not limited to the technical platform to display The field of disease is not restricted, can be directed to one or more diseases [ ] submitted materials core team member introduction and contact way project plan [ ] awards settings

rich and handsome on the regimen: rich material may not be conducive to life

? to tall, rich and handsome on the regimen: rich material may not be conducive to life? Xu Wugui was a hermit, can be regarded as the spokesman for Chuangtzu, once he went to see the king of Wei Wu wei. Wei Wu see Xu Wugui a pair of poverty, the sense of superiority arise spontaneously, comfort him ridicule: so, Mr. is not easy, to stay in Qiongshan ditch, eat well, dress well, now unable to see me. In the face of this? Some consolation to Wuhou Wei, Xu Wugui not urgent not angry, but also to comfort the Wei Wu: boss, you is not easy, how to comfort me? You little chest, a day filled with a variety of desire, full of all kinds of plugging the mood swings. The essence of your being already sick, sick men life. You may also have to reflect on their own is not by the desire of emotional about too much, also want to clear these desires and emotions, but the result is often, your eyes, ears and other senses are not pure in heart indifferent to life. You said, you easily? Wei Wu Hou? All of a sudden heart stopper and couldn’t say a word, because he was Xu Wugui hit the nail on the head. Modern people if you read this section from the Chuangtzu Xu Wugui dialogue, estimates will plug. Wei Wu want free from excessive enjoyment, but their senses and can not stand the light crime, as if you put down the phone, three days did not see microblogging, micro channel, you bear? about Xu Wugui see Wei Wu, and a more specific word. Wei Wu also with a sense of superiority tone kindly soothe Xu Wugui: Sir, you stay in Qiongshan ditch, lived on wild herbs and fruits, want to drink like crazy now? The desire of dry wine and meat smell evil? Xu Wugui said:? I Xu Wugui poor, without meat or wine to be accustomed to the life, I sympathize with you, have the disease to the God shaped with the point. Said popular point, can be understood as greatly frightened. Wei Wu? Q: how do I the God shaped with? Here God, in the modern context, as well as the essence of life requirements. This poor man? Xu Wugui began to tall, rich and handsome class: you this a million of assets million passenger carriage the big boss, with Wei a great deal of material wealth, to meet the needs of their physical senses, in order to keep the eyes and ears, muzzle, but it’s just not the most essential needs of human life, her husband God does not is, a person’s heart is not material wealth and luxury, but peace and. Excessive material enjoyment, interfering with your peace. What is ill? This is the disease. Next, Xu Wugui? The health class up to the Warring States period of the political level, he said, all these kingdoms monarch, for material for once extended down, will be developed to kill people, mergers and other land point, killing people, and the land. The purpose of doing so, but also to meet the desires and their sense of achievement, in order to keep my private and my god. Can say, the Warring States period is sick. Thus it can be seen that Chuangtzu? Well, not just personal health and social health. on this point, Meng Zi, Motse and Chuangtzu’s view of unity. Meng Zi.

Yang Lianning: Asian banks cannot do without America Japan blending

Yang Lianning: Asian banks cannot do without America Japan blending? cannot do without. Since American worried about the world’s most opaque, most rely on government driven, the lack of economies of China regulation will reduce the sub investment banking standards, since USA Japan China tied for the Asian Development Bank for 50 year history of the top three shareholders, since our country insists sub banks is a supplement to the existing international financial system with the world bank, ADB, is complementary Lou Jiwei language rather than as an equal, then, the sub investment banks cannot do without American participation in japan! Asian investment bank is China’s shortage of capital, capital input in 10 years ago turned excess capital, capital output, international currency RMB turned to test the waters, is the domestic steel, cement beyond 50% GDP accounted for only 13% of global capacity output is also in the field of transnational financial, in hindsight, the catching up of China as a developing country, the first time a suit to a toddler; therefore, the importance of Asia Investment Banking and the United States and Japan cooperation, rather than hope Japan wince, stand by! who all know, railway, highway, airport, dock like infrastructure, are cumbersome work of low technology, low threshold. At first glance, the United States and Japan do not seem to have come to bother, with China that eating a cup of a thick soup, in fact. Steel, cement is rough work, but the 300 years history of mature multinational financial operation is a fine work. in other words, a series of mature laws and regulations system of transnational bank accumulation, China needs to submit; it seems that in western countries, sitting around playing cards of the rules of the game, not the exclusive China down heavy masonry! Corporation to factory inspection, do not drink, do not eat; check the salary, tax, count a before place an order. This part is the legal standard, said the multinational capital Fu Chinese and humanitarian standards. I in his hometown in 1980, the World Bank WBG to the food aid investment in Loess Plateau of returning farmland to forest and grassland project. Cadres and villagers are familiar with the city and county, miss Brown, miss Marie, to check the progress of the project seriously story, said Miss Marie is deft, miss Brown is too dull, too complicated! in fact, it now seems, it is legal to encounter legal out embarrassing story. now Lou Jiwei said particularly cumbersome, are still those regulations refers to the principle of international financial investment, not the Chinese people think that as long as the money will be able to order: equator principles such as 7 in 10 banks in 2003 formulated the EPS environment, health and safety principles of project financing

Home appliance repair O2O can fire up

Home appliance repair O2O can fire up? Home appliance repair service individual needle O2O if only individual users, apparently unable to support the industry go farther. 2015415 O2O appliance repair can fire up? Wen Li Donglou recently ran a few period Zhejiang TV program I naturally talented crossborder venture capital, found that many outstanding entrepreneurial projects in the early have been concerned about, and even with the entrepreneurs have had indepth exchanges and communication. For example, the O2O project Manicure carved Lord beaver family and children, such as intelligent positioning shoes step 2015411 the war spread to the Apple Watch Maps application will continue to perform the Triwizard article Li Donglou Apple Watch will be listed. From the current exposure of the news, WeChat, PayPal, Sina microblog stars such as application become the first settled in Apple Watch. People somewhat unexpected is, Sogou map has become Apple’s official first invitation in application, 2015410 Lu Qi PK, the logic of thinking, two from the media performance art by Li Donglou micro signal: lidonglou recently, the logic of thinking and Lu Qi have an amazing view, relative to the two point: the former claims Party A shall shut up, the latter said: advertising must die. Two from the media V, with a 3950000 WeChat subscribers, a 30000000 201549 Internet, what exactly is a ghost? Internet will not repeat the mistakes of the thinking of the Internet for everyone, from the meat and potatoes of the people cast aside as a hot potato? 201544 in the love letter, what to whom? Wen and Li Donglou in April 1st, where the customer in Beijing Wukesong stadium held a theme of love letter of the spring and summer clothing conference. Although not to the scene to participate in the East, but in many of the media WeChat circle of friends, I more or less understanding of some in the conference information. It is as expected, released the 201543 App line of life and death: the importance of testing Li, as we all know, there is a recent called App suddenly became popular enough to remember. However, in an interview with the media, the founder of the said it was enough to remember encounter trouble. Because the user has surged, the product can not withstand the test, have a lot of complaints of users, many users of the products in the mobile phone 201542 Baidu cooperation and crossborder deal with cherry Wu behind the article Li Donglou a few days ago, Wuhan University is the Cherry Blossom Festival, however, for the teachers and students of Wuhan University, surging waves of Japanese tourists like cherry blossoms. However, this year the United Baidu large crossborder cooperation deal with cherry, this innovative approach has attracted numerous media reports, only CCTV platform behind 201541 Sogou serious joke, hiding what egg ? Wen Li Donglou today is April Fools’ day, Internet circle also ushered scheduled once a year on the national government. April Fool’s day Internet prank tradition started from America Silicon Valley. Yahoo!, Google Silicon Valley Internet Co 1

why does Kong Zi want to denigrate the Duke Spirit of Wei

why does Kong Zi want to denigrate the Duke Spirit of Wei? Kong Zi had to say of Weiling is the road headed, Kang after hearing the son asked him: since it is so, why not patriotic downfall? Kong Zi explained: the state of Wei Zhong Shuyu in charge of foreign affairs, responsible for the sacrifice I wish?. Wang Sunjia control the army, because of this, how to fall! The answer has been the collapse of itself, can be used Xian Chen is not the road headed, the road headed certainly can not use Xian chen. dialogue in the Analects of Confucius? The constitution article fourteenth sub words ask Duke Spirit of Wei of no way also, Kang Tzu said: the husband is, Xi without losing their? Kong Zi said: the rule of Zhongshu guests, I wish to cure temple, Wang Sunjia treats the army?. With such officers as these, how should he lose his state? Translated into modern paper is Confucius: talking about Wei Ling all sorts of retroaction and decrepit and muddleheaded, Kang asked: since it is so, why not perish? Confucius explained: patriotic Zhong Shuyu in charge of foreign affairs, responsible for the sacrifice I wish?. Wang Sunjia control the army, because of this, how will perish! Is it right? Weiling road headed, try can clearly see. Duke Spirit of Wei in the spring and Autumn period is the twentyeighth generation of the monarch Wei, surname Ji Mingyuan. Born in 540 BC, died in 493 BC, his achievements there are a few points. a joint put down the rebellion four nobles. First, according to the Zuo Zhuan records: Zhao Gong twenty years, because the elder brother Tie Ling despise our patriotic left Kou Qibao, against Kita Miyaki, Zhushi Pu, Sui and homogeneous leopard, childe toward joint rebellion. At that time, Duke Spirit of Wei Ping Shou is still only eighteen years old, after that the insurgency, but the situation is out of control, he had to take a few people escaped death birds the place, not far from the PU, near North Palace like the steward attack Qi Ling in the evening rush back leopard, with the northern Palace’s covenant, first, hold the force. The second day again with people vows, rapid stabilization of the situation, and then start the accountability, Zhushi Pu, son Chao see the hopeless situation, forced to flee to the state of jin. Wei Ling killed one of the root causes of the insurgency Xuan Jiang, completely stable patriotic situation. Bei Gong’s because of of power, power has been growing stronger, almost could not control. Duke Spirit of Wei and Qi Jinggong conspiracy, sent North Palace node mission to Qi, let Qi Jinggong find reason to the North Node arrested and sent troops to invade Palace guard. Duke Spirit of Wei Qi invasion to blame North Palace knot, took the opportunity to weaken the North Palace’s forces, and then Qi Jing Gongmeng Yuerang its retreat, not only solved the North Palace’s unwieldy threat, and not to make the minister heart suspicion, while strengthening the relationship with Qi alliance, is three birds with one stone. two, to accept the criticism and suggestion. Lu Jin Wei cutting, not to borrow unexpectedly directly through, still return. Wei Ling pie

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