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The DEMO8 three carboxylic acid during the Spring Festival

The DEMO8 three carboxylic acid during the Spring Festival, DEMO8 released a called a key for the application of rice straw. Straw for women the user design, characteristics of products is the largest fully utilizes the mobile phone’s own hardware buttons, let the power button to become mobile phone security key, and combined with the software, in a sudden accident cases a key for refusing to lose, associated with distress is not timely, ensure that the vast number of female user security. according to incomplete statistics, only in 2014 September, a month’s time the country will have 28 reported cases women lost. Advances in technology, however, lost child trafficking problem, social security is still lack of effective means of prevention and improvement. A key for the straw is to the safety of women as a starting point, is committed to solve how to quickly and effectively help the security problem. DEMO8 small make up holding the curious and justice attitude about the experience of a key for referred to as straw straw. No redundant interface to open after the straw, went straight to the theme of the main interface for help, by words and simple animation shows two help trigger mode behavior tutorial. At the same time custom notification dropdown menu prompts for the safe state, the straw is protecting your safety, give users a solid sense of security. a turn is quick click phone lock button for more than 3 times, the other is a long press SOS button for 3 seconds, then trigger either turn, will enter the emergency state. In the emergency state, straw will automatically call to emergency contacts, sending help preset short geographical position and preset recording, mute state and automatically answer incoming calls. Then long press SOS button 3 seconds after the system will exit the emergency call state. In addition to the function for outside, straw and SOS flash and SOS siren additional functions. experience a straw, DEMO8 Xiaobian contacted its founder Luo Zhi. Let Xiaobian is shocked straw action team is now only 6 people, and are members of the Huazhong University of Science and Technology after 90 college students the Dian team of mobile group. As a key for the idea of straw in December last year of initiation, then began developing iterative intense work, the team has won a million yuan angel investment. college students entrepreneurship requires not only the ability, need more courage enough. Luo Zhi said: the business do not feel bitter, but will it as a kind of experience. The idea of starting a startup is very simple, is to make some achievements, we young people have the energy to do sth over and over again. Do straw idea is very simple, is to do a socially responsible products, a mobile phone software. Can really help to those who go out in the outside of the women or the elderly, let lost things don’t happen. If you can have a person through the success of our products for help and rescue, we ‘straw action team’ all the pay is worth it. currently, straw is still in rapid iteration of the state, the team needs to overcome the main problem is how to deal with product background often

Introduction: China Radio International’s country wide Global Media Holdings Limited in Hongkong on 9 and china technology company signed a contract

Introduction: China Radio International’s country wide Global Media Holdings Limited in Hongkong on 9 and china technology company signed a contract, the overall acquisition of the company portal website China Radio International’s country wide Global Media Holdings Limited in Hongkong on 9 and china technology company signed a contract, the overall acquisition of the company portal website Chinese network was one of China’s most influential network media. In 1999, china acts as the first Internet China concept stocks landing. In 2000 March the GEM Listing in Hongkong stock exchange, stock code 8006. But in the past 10 years gradually fading out of the domestic portal firstline camp. By the end of 2011, the net in the NASDAQ delisting. Chinese network belongs to the Chinese network technology company has previously said its Internet portal business continued losses, the sale of non profitable business, can make the company better resource allocated to the rest of the business and other resources. 9 held a signing ceremony, country wide holdings CEO Wang Fanghuai announced the acquisition of china content. Wang Fanghuai said: this we put the business of China net, equity, the team ‘s 8006, including name, intangible assets to the overall transfer to our country’s extensive holdings. At the same time, we both still other aspects to carry out a number of cooperation. currently, china has tens of millions of loyal users, have Chinese most visited site military china, automotive, military, and news, science and technology, game entertainment etc. nearly 20 channels. In addition, the network also focuses on three major media operation business, including: China Network Auto Information and shopping platform, the Chinese net web game platform, and the network community. the acquisition of China net nation wide holding, is the China Radio International Media and cultural industry only operation platform, investment development and management in the media resource integration and media services, and is committed to promoting the traditional media and new media integration development. Forecast for the outside world, with the acquisition of the Chinese net, country wide holding new media business will be more comprehensive. 9 held a signing ceremony, the chairman of the board Xu Yun china also said, hope that the M amp; A can let china glory. Xu Yun said: we have reason to believe that the majority of Chinese network resource integration through the existing international media and cultural fields, re injection of fresh blood, it will be the focus of world attention, let the whole world through the new face of the media, to understand china. Make China better and faster towards the world. According to China international broadcasting station director Wang Gengnian’s request, the international table and spring onion, wide holdings will to own abundant media resources to inject new vitality china, and strive to build the Internet china brand media, comprehensive media, media platform and national portal.

lead: talk guests: Deputy Director of the National Committee of the CPPCC Standing Committee

lead: talk guests: Deputy Director of the National Committee of the CPPCC Standing Committee, deputy director of the CPPCC Economic Committee Party School of the Central Laboratory of Zhou Tianyong Hu Deping. The crisis is still rampant, the economy has bottomed out, China’s economy to where to go? How to rescue the people’s livelihood? Employment how to proceed? serious at home and abroad talk to guests: Deputy Director the CPPCC Standing Committee, deputy director of the CPPCC Economic Committee Party School of the Central Laboratory of . The crisis still raging, the economy has bottomed out, China where the economy is going? How to rescue the people’s livelihood? How to start? The grim economic situation at home and abroad, put forward the proposition to too much this year. Chinese to go economy road, let go the development of small and mediumsized enterprises, to promote employment, from green power change green power, and participate in the international industrial division of labor. The current crisis, a member of the CPPCC Standing Committee, deputy director of the CPPCC Economic Committee Hu Deping said. similarly, doing research on China’s modernization and the future development strategy of deputy director of the Central Party school laboratory Zhou Tian Yong, also reached a fresh conclusion: China’s green economy is labour intensive employment economy, and other sorts of resources type economy, capital economy and technical economy, the current in economics it is not economical. He said, the next 30 years, the contradiction between economic development mode and environment, population and resource, will be the biggest challenge facing the Chinese. 2 month 27 days, NPC and CPPCC Eve, Hu Deping, Zhou Tianyong gathered in The Strip, advocating the concept of green, to feel the pulse of Chinese economic development direction. green economy is the employment of economic Hu Deping: green development model and under the financial crisis, China’s economic transformation problem we discussed today, Miss Zhou has done a lot of research in this field, what do you think about it? Zhou Tianyong: what is the green development model? In my opinion at least contains two aspects, one is the mode of production, how to provide products and services? The other is a way of life, or is called the consumption patterns, including room and board for all aspects of. Chinese current mode of production and production structure must be adjusted, more use of new technologies, new materials, new technology, to reduce consumption. Way of life also need to be adjusted, such as travel, travel car travel is concentrated or dispersed? The mode of living is the highlevel concentrated residential or villa type as some western countries to live? Consumption pattern is a onetime consumption or reuse? Need to transform large. Because we model development now is certainly No. Now the damage to the environment, the consumption of resources, whether it is from the international comparison, or from the we will face the future situation is concerned, it is not feasible to Hu Deping: the development model impassability, China should take the green economy road, but in the future should choose what kind of economic model, as we explore the green economy, is the first need to seriously consider the issue. Zhou Tianyong: a

make our world more beautiful languageThe language is one of the world

make our world more beautiful languageThe language is one of the world, on the whole, the language of the world must be better than the real world. First, the art of language of literature. The most elegant language function is to act as the carrier of literature. Most of us have seen the works of literature, is a beauty praise, has the enlightenment function. We walk in the literature of the field, bathed in the true the good and the beautiful sunshine, breathing the fresh air of freedom, the spirit of healthy, comfortable, by the baptism of the spirit, sucking the food and nutrition, even the wicked man will get a little edification and education, became a little cute. Second, language is a communication tool. When a person to his inner world through language naked in front of the world, there must be some consideration and processing, a bit reserved and reserved, a little thought and care, so that his words, his inner world is slightly better than a little, at least to the hearts of the nasty things to filter out the. Third, culture, people often have to contact the written language and the written language, but also better than spoken language, it has more refined processing, composition, with more rhetoric and logic considerations, and always after the editor, editor and proofreader review correction, the form of more standardized, elegant and pure. I want to create a world of language is better than the reality of our world. Needless to say, our world has many not so good ingredients, such as ignorant, vulgar, coarse, capricious, selfish, greedy, stingy, overbearing, covet, calculating, insidious, cheeky, hypocrisy, indifference, treachery, ingratitude, ingratitude, and of every hue or evil and ugly everywhere in our life, pollution our environment, harm and damage to us, give us the spirit to bring grievances and trauma, so we have to turn to the language of the world to seek relief, seek peace and An Tai, just like other people from the audiovisual world find comfort and happiness. Therefore, I have a kind of demand perfection even carp attitude towards language instinct of typos and errors, as the body scars and scabies, be about to sweep away quickly, the language of the world clean, in order to place your soul. read writer Qian Hongli’s prose life as by the prose in 2015 fourth, written in Hefei she spent 10 years of experience, has written the king and the people, there are a lot of small household affairs, especially writing her motherinlaw pickled wax. The story is left a deep impression, as a woman, to appreciate the tone of writing my motherinlaw is rare. But a few typos found in reading, picked out for children’s shoes. at the beginning of a sentence: mediocre trivial is a great harm to my stamp. Poke the harm, this word? From the shape of view, it is possible to kill a word write error. Their mean serious damage, damage, generally more abstract such as the soul and collocation, in full compliance with the sentence. Damage is a common word, perhaps the author Qianlvyishi, does not rule out the knowledge of the blind spot. We are in the dictionary.

according to media reports

, according to media reports, recently Baidu encyclopedia in Beijing botanical garden, for the hundreds of species of plants in more than 4000 hanging a plant twodimensional code, five one into the park visitors, just pick up the mobile phone scanning the twodimensional code can be linked to the Baidu on Wikipedia, and then can understand the knowledge of the plant the more detailed, including the morphological characteristics, growth habit, cultivation techniques, breeding methods, as well as the content of plant culture related. It is understood, in addition to the Beijing botanical garden, Luoyang garden, Ji’nan Springs Park and Luoyang aquarium has landed Baidu Encyclopedia of twodimensional code, will fall to the ground and Beijing zoo, Wuhan Botanical garden. O2O a show? Baidu encyclopedia dimensional code of this plant, give a person a kind of feeling of deja vu, that many commentators are eyeing the O2O perspective, that Baidu move, is a O2O attempt. more on the Central Park in New York and in 2011 the successful marketing compared with twodimensional code. The same plant, in that year’s Arbor Day, the Central Park in New York in a number of important scenic spots placed placed a twodimensional code, users scan the code we will see some information including Central Park, filmed in the movie, events, attractions details etc as a guide O2O new experience, the success of New York’s Central Park, attracting the attention of young people. And Baidu Encyclopedia of plants and the twodimensional code in the basic idea, does have great similarities, through this model, we can really achieve draw down to earth style, through interesting presentation, enhance the use of the young target audience experience and adhesion. But this is not the encyclopedia and ground shop cooperation of all, this is not a subject that simple event marketing. , can be said to be the content of the. Many young people including the author, are in reality and virtual disconnected state, a word is the most simple things. For example, we can probably say the characteristics and the value of various plants, also can not answer, to play a do not know to ask Baidu, but in the face of these plants, don’t know what it is which data option we profound knowledge under the. plant these twodimensional code, real people themselves realize the O2O, if continued, the O2O, will be online and offline knowledge needs seamless connection, maybe let Wikipedia practical to find the it in order to break the bottleneck of Baidu encyclopedia the plant twodimensional code, in fact, precisely reflects Baidu always wanted to achieve the mission’s link to find. make people the most equal and easy access to information, find what we seek. Baidu Wikipedia itself is one of the most effective load, this on a huge Encyclopedia Crowdsourcing wisdom form, has been an unavoidable weakness, that so many of the.

Tong Yang 5 month 10 days

Tong Yang 5 month 10 days, the way cattle travel Nasdaq, becoming the fourth success in the United States listed online travel website, the domestic online travel market, there is a vibrant picture, more participating companies and brands, the relationship is more complex, the way cattle type OTA will also be people indulge in elaborating on Ctrip, in addition to the head the OTA, as well as ant cellular travel vertical search, where to go, donkey mother type scenic direct and other market participants. is where the loss listed as loss of the way cattle, now still become the capital market’s minions. Not because he is a journey of expert, but in the mobile Internet environment, the cake of online travel industry has just been subdivided, is coveted by each big company, the way cattle to catch up with the times. 2013 years, leisure travel market size of nearly 400000000000 Chinese, online penetration rate of only 7.7%, Chinese OTA market value of only $10000000000, far less than the market value of 100000000000 in Europe and USA. Such as China development present situation, indicates that the online travel cake can also dig in, iResearch latest statistics, 2014Q1 Chinese online travel market size of 56570000000 yuan, an increase of 17.2%, a decline of 0.6%. 2014Q1 Chinese OTA online travel market revenue size of 2990000000 yuan, an increase of 17.7%. continues to expand the scale, category increased and derivative services contributed. currently, scenic spot ticket, free has become the driving point to increase the performance of the new. However, online ticket in the ticket market penetration is not high, still need to strengthen the integration of resources, but the scenic spots as the high frequency of mobile end use of tourism services and products, will also become the focus of Internet Co compete. industry into the rational development, Co opetition relationship had become the dominant. from the mobile Internet in China after 08 years of rapid development of a blowout, the traditional tourism industry in deepening and PC Internet connection at the same time, the degree of integration with the mobile Internet is constantly upgrading. with the intense market competition, OTA cooperation between enterprises to further strengthen cooperation and competition coexist, and more. In April 10th, the same way elong announced that it has signed a strategic cooperation agreement. With the way tourism will be exclusive to offer scenic spot ticket inventory elong, eLong will at the same time, the same way travel China exclusive front pay and group purchase, inventory; in April 29th, Ctrip $2000000000 stake in the same way network, will become the second largest shareholder of the same way, attractions tickets Ctrip will pay all access the same business process, and support the same thread is independent IPO. Then, in April 27th, Ctrip announced an agreement with the way cattle, will be completed in the way cattle IPO issue price of the acquisition of the way cattle shares worth $15000000. After the completion of the transaction, the way cattle Ctrip to appoint a director of the board of directors. at dunder said: in the business,

the year of the sheep small long holiday is over

the year of the sheep small long holiday is over, fast retrieving work! This week and last week 3D and small polar bear fantasy Kaka, under the dome anger brush circle of friends and topics on the list, be in full swing discussion lively crowd, entrepreneurs, but in the application of painstaking research of VR technology and how to one class of force against haze NPC and CPPCC held, we have to care about, such as what new technology big proposal; this year, Prime Minister of the government work report, the hottest keyword is the prime minister is calling you to do poineering work! as small series of press, this week there were a total of 215 new products unveiled DEMO8, 36 founder voluntarily submitted products. Xiaobian comprehensive user praise review, product innovation, and the use of experience information and so on, select the voice of 10 new products of the highest, together have a look what! said yesterday, we have received fifteen of the moon 16 yuan? South Korea beauty makeup Genuine Sea Tao, every day only to provide you with the choice, a topic, the article, a video. from Baidu cloud UED responsible person Elya entrepreneurship development beauty Tao sea products. In order to help start a desire to have the ability to buy higher quality of foreign goods to users in China, brings trust worthy purchase channels, onion wash was born. Onion Amoy home page is a Timeline, can be 1 pieces of Collections published daily, 1 topics and 1 articles. Compared to other open on a dazzling, the overall temperament very restless beauty electric business, onion Amoy very restraint, UI and interaction is very refreshing, even if not to buy things, also let people see the desire to go blind. online interactive learning programming, to subvert the traditional video teaching. wisdom is an online learning programming websites, but it is by way of learning than the traditional video, but interactive learning, saying simply is left can see the point of knowledge, the right can be directly hit the code of practice, to achieve a combination of learning with training effect, but can begin operation learning method of this study, practice is the sole criterion for testing truth! For Ebizal network curriculum there is a certain basic computer users, the current curriculum is rich, mainly some hot frontier technology. It is worth mentioning that, as you learn, if in doubt, can directly open the bottom left corner of the chat frame member online netizens communicate with you! The future Ebizal network will launch more good course, want to advanced procedures apes have come try it! chain home real estate new product reliable housing products, known as the beginning of the 0 age of the housing intermediary fees. Ding Ding housing is a housing, can complete the booking critically, contract, payment of all functions of the APP, is the Beijing chain of home real estate brokerage Limited

lead: IDG campus entrepreneurship contest start conference and the national first station talk

lead: IDG campus entrepreneurship contest start conference and the national first station talk, carved ye said: a great thing to have a great starting point, and this great starting point must be full open, full of countless possible. 4 month 20 days, starting from the IDG campus entrepreneurship contest and the business jointly held conference and the national first station lectures will be held in Tsinghua University. Afu oil chairman, carved Ye sirloin founder carved Ye expresses in thematic speech, to achieve wealth and freedom, freedom of time and freedom of mind, entrepreneurship is the best path. While the business first, start to have an open, if your starting point is not open, then your future will never come to a successful. Talk, carved Ye humorous language, the atmosphere was very active. The following text is carving the Ye’s speech excerpts, without my review: I particularly lowkey, rarely out of it, because I have a protrusion of the lumbar intervertebral disc. I just asked what let me tell you what, everybody is cuanduo quit, no problem, the thing I cooked; I will speak a little bit of methodology, because I as 90 years ago, is not familiar to the pure Internet, I is the Internet immigration. And if some of the traditional industries with internet grafting, this thing I very familiar. We line done in general, but we have access to the Internet will quickly put the oil into the first. Then I’m fine boring, the founder of the carved Ye sirloin, and later made a skewer, anyway, do a lot of things. entrepreneurship does not belong to the life of desire. A person to solve the three problem, especially all the life, the next graduation immediately faced to solve three major problems. The first question, is the wealth of freedom. By working to solve the freedom of wealth is very hard, of course, Qinghua graduates is easy to get good jobs, higher pay, but from the freedom of wealth or difficult. The second is the time of freedom. Most of the executives to solve the freedom of wealth, but does not solve the free time. They work or to punch, a field to go trip tomorrow, executives for? Third is the freedom of the soul. Not achieve hero tired of living in the dream of many people find. And do poineering work well here, once on the track, wealth and freedom can be solved, free time can also, third can solve the problem of the small, is where the meaning of my life. Even when I was in junior high school dropout, I felt like I was a useful person, I felt like I was a cow force, but there is a small problem, I always ask, in fatigue life, maybe I’m a waste not. And entrepreneurs can solve the freedom of spirit, what significance in our problem solving. In my opinion, entrepreneurship can solve these problems. we have to solve the problem of methodology. To say, when a thing can be explained when, it will cease to be great. We can study all the paintings from ancient to modern times, why they become famous? From the Renaissance to the research problem, or modern, or abstract style, unified point is, when this picture was hanging out

Since the June 17th hearing and hexun base feeling world cup activities officially launched in June 12th

Since the June 17th hearing and hexun base feeling world cup activities officially launched in June 12th, had 15000 visitors attended the user virtual soccer gambling, and in June 17th 17:00, fifth day of the activity, is expected to have more than six into the gambler lost all bottom. Here the organizers must solemnly remind all watching the ball does not see the ball, friends: soccer gambling risk, don’t really play! gamble: five days into a super six game player lose And according to the base feeling world cup activity rules, access to virtual money each person to participate in the activities of the user can grant or invite friends to participate in the activities of the organizers of the way through, the user can be virtual money for soccer gambling, also can keep virtual money to earn INVESCO the Great Wall Jing Yi goods currency A real income. By the end of June 17th 17:00, a total of 8620 people took part in the activities, the number of soccer gambling peak appeared in the world cup in second days, more than 3900 people attended the day’s virtual soccer gambling. guess ball number change statistics from the days that follow the number of gamblers situation, five days to participate in virtual soccer gambling users suffered heavy losses, by the end of June 17th 17:00 in sixth days, tomorrow the World Cup soccer gambling users only less than 1500 people, a rough estimate of more than 60% of the attending soccer gambling users have lost their virtual principal all. light is the gold: not soccer gambling, be firm and secure and earn interest on the other hand, and a considerable portion of the user’s maddening calm, even in the face of the world cup so hot events, as well as people One’s blood boils with indignation. the soccer gambling feast, even half of the users is not soccer gambling, is to honour the virtual funds earn interest on the in. Pipe how much he made anti, is when the organizers have to promise the interest to call me a user calm and said. In the face of such users, small make up can only say, Your Financial IQ is too high! Hexun Finance Customer World Cup special user virtual principal ranking screenshot more than the user is currently ranked first virtual principal of students, the students by inviting friends to open an account, already has nearly 110000 of the principal, according to 4% of the monetary fund annualised rate of return, the students can at least at the end of the game to get 360 yuan currency fund income. Although the students also participated in several soccer gambling, but it seems quite good, now is to wait for the money of the state. Students! If we all learn from you, financial department girls should find leadership we write the report. soccer gambling to enjoy: the organizer to increase all

at the end of 2012 2

at the end of 2012 2, the famous Spanish city of spring has begun in Barcelona, ushered in once a year, a Mobile World Congress 4 days 2012Mobile World Congress. The meeting hall, everywhere is all attracted the eye of the future mobile products. In the field of more than 6 professionals gathered in the meeting, almost everyone will revolve around a topic redefinition. The with the eyecatching assembly, not only will you my mobile phone, also will redefine increasingly important another mobile products plate. The emergence of iPad activated flat value, but the term micro innovation from the other side, slow speed plate industry future development. The new race point of the ecological chain in the face of change constantly, mobile market full of opportunities, the past 2011 tablet computer become each big manufacturer competition arena in the future. First, many manufacturers continue to join, and then is HP WebOS tablet computer, then all kinds of delisting domestic flat marketable and iPad to sell stock, have¬†shown the industry staggered cruelty. Almost all participate in the tablet manufacturers are aware of such a truth: today’s flat is no longer just a separate digital products, but a complete ecological chain. To make their products have an advantage, and ultimately resist from the apple price barriers, the platform ecosystem double offensive, you must create a competitive ecological¬†chain. after all, the upstream and downstream ecological chain plate manufacturers is production. To expand upstream and downstream extension of the tentacles, but very difficult. Now on the market situation of plate, the industrial chain down almost all the mainstream flatpanel makers, Android systems are attached for their flat products developed their own store the corresponding application. But to the industrial chain to the touch chip R amp; D itself manufacturers, but less and less. today, in such a change in the global science and technology exhibition, a flat products more than hundreds of various brands gathered here, including many international wellknown brands. But the new flat a domestic brand is particularly eyecatching, it is the HUAWEI MediaPad 10. The significant products completed the first in the exhibition, also attracted many of the media eye from the hardware and system configuration model based on ARM4.0, which boasts the world’s fastest tablet application processor speed, not only has the 8.8mm ultrathin fuselage, simultaneously also provided with 1920times; IPS HD display high resolution 1200, can easily challenge ultra high definition video, large 3D game, all of which are derived in its carrying HUAWEI independent research and development of Hisilicon K3V2 quad core processor. from the industry point of view, it can be said that the emergence of the first processing capability of tablet PCs, upgrade to a qualitative leap. With

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