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02:57 20140917

02:57 20140917, member of the Italy delegation, to the letter of credit p G Rory share: br [Changdao] Long Island Department of Shandong Province, South to bring Penglai, north of Liaodong, west of Beijing and Tianjin, looking east, E-CIG CHINA Japan and South Korea. The top, like a string of blue satin sprinkled on the jewel. She
was also the hometown of eight, is the ancient emperors seeking everyoung Xian Fang paradise. She has a long beach Abas Crescent Bay, Silver Feather blot out the Sun Bird Island million, Talang play gull sister reef, and for thousands of years the heroic endless fishing songs. to kololi: g Italy June Club tour Rory will end. Because with the intentions of the club’s club, the club manager Shen Qi carefully arranged and take care of, tomorrow we will have a pleasant mood on the 23 Disposable e cigarette members of the return flight, and back to the arms
of their loved ones. p here I only on behalf of the three of us, Roque club to the arrangement of the Italian culture and romantic brigade said sincere thanks. p thank grams Rory Club sincerely. Carefully. And thoughtful service, whether from the travel agency of choice, or the club manager candidate sele
are impeccable. In general, whether to Hot E Cig kits eat. We Mechanical Mod and RDA live. All is participated in other tourism projects more surprise and satisfaction. And to mention the surprise and satisfaction, these aspects are outstanding from the Shen Qi, the body is reflected in the team, really impressive. p SHEN leader, he stayed member such as family, after their wellbeing of
the elderly, to equals as close as brothers and sisters, to the travel agency and ground personnel mutual respect. Harmonious and friendly, members, without exception, to him as a whole regiment of the most trustworthy people. Compared with other travel agencies and groups, Shen team most valuable is a sincere heart of his all for the sake of membership considerate service consciousness, kindhearted character. His excellent ability to deal with the crisis as a service industry, the most essential qualities and the ability to deal with the crisis. The episode of several accidents in the trip caused by members of the restless able to calm down quickly. And the members travel through change from sorrow to joy. p spread from there, because members from all corners of the country, coupled with each individual uphold the tourism destination, tourism idea differ E-CIGARETTE CHINA in thousands of ways and difficult to unity. Therefore, any tourism project in ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA the process of operation is almost impossible to achieve perfection. As a tourism project planning and organizer, we must do their homework in all aspects. Among them, in my opinion, the most important is to choose a leader in the tourism team, is the leader, this is the most important, the success or failure of the. This journey in France, Italy, the reason that a smooth trip and a happy ending, the leader of the candidates and Roque club service concept plays the core role. p although in later Roque Club tour, it is difficult to achieve each headed by a manager Shen, but as a member, I sincerely hope that in the future of the club

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