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08:36 20150401 likes to look at the new company of stateowned enterprises

08:36 20150401 likes to look at the new company of stateowned enterprises. likes to see the new stateowned enterprises as Tan Weiming amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; this is I am today editions of sequence control group publicity Zhuanban writing notes, is completely understandings, also of the stateowned enterprises value people’s livelihood and urban values, little thinking. this topic is a few of the stateowned enterprises to do the special topics. Because the number is not much, so the editor over the topic, some words always want to say. p a considerable period of time, media coverage of private enterprises can be said is lengthy, with economic construction for the mission of the center’s work, brought to economic reports to the media’s focus mission. And Shunde is a private star bright place, in such a star of the media on private high focus and the report of the stateowned enterprises are a bit cold, may be true, it is not surprising that. However, the stateowned enterprises in the media to see
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse All Deep Green the low rate of light, is not equal to the role of stateowned enterprises in the local economic development, particularly in the development of the livelihood of the people’s livelihood can be ignored. Like Shun control group, the formation of the time is not too long, but the inventory of the company in the past year to do out of the project, the role played by the Shunde City upgrade and transformation development, really let people do not say do not know, know how to eat a surprised feeling. Too many wellknown projects, too much is related to the livelihood of the things, sequence control group of people behind the scenes do push, or is strategizing, or is matchmaking, embodies the responsibility of stateowned enterprises of a city’s development and people’s livelihood and play. perhaps because compared with private enterprises in Shunde, the cake is a bit small, perhaps because of more other reasons, Shunde stateowned enterprises are doomed to a lowkey lowkey, but as a public in the enjoyment of the city upgrade brings all the time, do not have to understand the people’s livelihood and the city’s efforts and contribution to the upgrading of the city. In Shunde, whether private or stateowned enterprises, they undertake is to promote local economic and social development responsibility. On the part of the stateowned enterprises, they have to face the market, on the other hand to take more responsibility for the livelihood of the people, and most of the private enterprises, stateowned enterprises to obtain the results, we are also worthy of our joy and admiration. From the angle of understanding, we have every reason to the joy of taste, enjoy the sequence control group in 2015 to Shunde City upgrading and industrial transformation to do new contribution, step a new stage. happiness from hard work should be to suffer from cheaper categories:Rel= no

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