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10 April 29

10 April 29, of secretary of municipal Party committee, municipal people’s Congress Standing Committee Director Liu Zhengdong presided over the city’s major E-CIGARETTE CHINA projects and industry development was held to promote, implement implement autonomous region Party committee secretary Peng Qinghua, an important speech in the inspection of the city and the region’s Industrial Development Conference and tourism development conference spirit to study the deployment of the city’s major projects advance and stage, and the third industry development strategy, speed up our city major projects and industry to achieve leapfrog development. Zhao Faqi, Huang Rongming, Liu Jun, Han Feng,, Feng Mingfang, Xu Zheng, Hou Xianhong,, Huang Qiang Yu, Li Lunbing and other leaders attended the meeting. p liuzhengdong pointed out that in recent years, the city vigorously implement the trade strategy, optimize the industrial layout, accelerate the construction of major industrial projects, especially the US since last year, highlighting grasping the double ten event, the main push of 400 billion yuan in the construction of major projects, industry and the third industry realized leap forward development, a modern port industrial base has already seen the embryonic form. At present, the city has entered the new historical stage, in the development of transformation and upgrading E-CIG CHINA of the important turning point, the new situation and environment of domestic and international to the city brought many opportunities, departments at all levels must strengthen confidence,
emancipating the mind, and is struggling, spare no effort to promote the industrial development of the cross, to achieve a major breakthrough in the project construction of a big push, to achieve the lead in the development of the region, in the coastal come from behind, and strive to enter the open coastal cities of the first group’s goal and strive. Liu Zhengdong stressed that the implementation of industry across the development, the revitalization of the third industry is the rapid rise of the city’s hope that the key Hot E Cig kits lies. The next
stage, we must highlight 7 aspects of the work: first,
we must highlight the industry revitalization of the engine, firmly grasp the project construction leader. Outstanding catch double twenty big project, to build an upgraded version of the Lingang Disposable e cigarette Industrial base. Two must focus on the construction of Lingang industrial base of the goal, efforts to promote industrial strong city strategy. Strive to Mechanical Mod and RDA 3 years to achieve industrial output value exceeded 200000000000 yuan, 5 years time span of 8, ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA 300000000000 years, more than 800000000000. Three is the need to sprint this year’s work objectives and
tasks, set off a new round of industrial project construction boom. The completion and operation of the project to strengthen management, improve service, in the water, electricity, gas and transportation aspects to good security, make the project as soon as possible and to play a benefit, for not completed projects to
accelerate, continue to maintain had not loose, not slack, and do not slow down, give full play to the role of the working mechanism of the 6 2, and strive to complete the objectives and tasks of the fourth quarter. Four is the need to develop the cultural tourism industry, comprehensive revitalization of the third industry. To meeting caused by tourism, education, finance and other 12 industry revitalization plan, and the introduction of encourage tertiary industry development policy dry role, vigorously promote the development of the three products enhance taking; to in order to develop the tourism industry as a leader, led the development of tertiary industry; to according to the indication for secretary Peng, into the ASEAN element, the Dongxing build Guangxi aspect, highlights, and strive to build a border city with the border style, national characteristics, coastal scenery, ASEAN characteristic, port area, Fangcheng District, Shangsi county to form a distinctive style of city. Five it is necessary to comprehensively promote the construction of pilot areas in Dongxing, and improve the level of opening up to the outside world.

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