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10:31 20130901 service to the public

10:31 20130901 service to the public, Nanning police fax micro channel public platform ; what are the authoritative and reliable police information every day? What materials will be required for the handling of Hong Kong and Macao permits? Where to apply for a new car into people’s homes? Is there anyone who has found my lost ID card? How to go to the police station? Over the has been plagued with problems of some members of the public, with the Nanning police fax micro platform officially released, now quickly can be readily solved. The main function of p Nanning police fax public platform is divided into three blocks: the police news release, information services, police and interactive activities. police news release Daily br warning: Nanning police fax platform every day will be sending a police news fast food, the timely release of local authority warning, and carrying out information interaction between the police and the public activities, do not let people miss important information about the poli
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Yellow Orange Black Greyce. p ] prevention tips: with trends and characteristics of the illegal and criminal activities, released every day move to safe guard the little skill, let you to strengthen their awareness, every day new harvest. ‘announcement: the police released Nanning oriented society issued a notice in a timely manner, to facilitate the public to grasp the realtime dynamic police. service information query p ] query business notes: the public can reply by micro website platform that keyword or click on the platform, always check the public security household business, traffic, entry and exit business management guidelines and instructions, check for address and phone number of the window, to members of the public for relevant public security business to provide convenient access. p ] query personal information: members of the public can also through Nanning police fax platform provided by the channel, convenient query illegal motor vehicle information, management situation of entry and exit business etc p ] query lost documents: Nanning police fax platform for the development of opening of the missing documents automatic query system, the recent people picked up on the police departments of lost documents recording system for the public inquiry, at the same time, the public picked up others missing documents, on the platform. by the public security organs geographic information query: do not know where the police station is? How to do business to the public security bureau? With the rapid development of the city, these problems have troubled people. Now these problems are solved, the people anytime, anywhere can through to the platform to send their location, informed distance recent five public security organs of the address, telephone number and go to the line. . Query security knowledge: the platform provides antitheft, anti robbery, fraud prevention, fire and other safety knowledge for everyone to check.

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