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10:46 20140501 turn my family in a remote mountain village

10:46 20140501 turn my family in a remote mountain village, parents are farmers. I have a 3 year old man. One of my girls to buy some flowers handkerchief, secretly took the father’s drawer 5 cents. On the same day the father found that less money, holding a bamboo pole, let us admit exactly who stole it. I Mechanical Mod and RDA was scared of the situation at that time, the head is not afraid to speak. We see the father do not recognize, said that the two together. Then he raised his pole. Suddenly my brother E-CIGARETTE CHINA grabbed his father’s hand and E-CIG CHINA said, Dad, it’s me.. Father of bamboo mercilessly fell on
his brother’s back, shoulder . amp; I always hate you hadn’t the courage to admit that for years, the younger brother to I block bamboo look still remains fresh in my memory. That year, my younger brother was 8 years old,
I was 11 years old. did not expect the next day before dawn, brother secretly took a few pieces of torn clothes and a few dry bread go, leave a note: sister. Don’t worry, admitted to the university is not easy, I
work out for you. Brother. I use father borrowed money over the village and brother moved in the site of cement to earn money finally read the big three. One day I was reading in the bedroom, the students ran to call me, Mei Zi, a fellow in the search for you. How can you find me? I walked out, far from the sight of my brother, wearing a dress
of cement and sand, and so on. I said, you and my classmates said you are my fellow ah? Disposable e cigarette he said with a smile, you see me dressed like this, that is your brother, your classmates are not a joke for you? br my Hot E Cig kits nose acid, tears ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA fall down, I gave my brother beat the dust, sob to say you’re supposed to be my brother, in this life no matter wear what. I’m not afraid of being a joke. br he from
his pocket and carefully took out a handkerchief wrapped butterfly hairpin. In my head on the proportion that I see a girl from the city wear this, give you also bought a. I can’t help it, I’m not.

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