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11 is a special day Singles in the carnival

11.11 is a special day Singles in the carnival, the electricity supplier who tread the harvest the fruits of victory. However, more exciting, or let the media and business practitioners feel the panic figure. double 11 promotion war, Ma Yun and Taobao can be described as the limelight, the focus of the major media seems to have become the exclusive Ma Yun and its taobao. And the volume of transactions Taobao and lynx, destined to double 11 promotion in 2012, Ma Yun’s business empire is the protagonist. Quoted media reports, double 11 day cat to sell 13200000000 yuan of sales results not including Taobao data among the top of all types of business. as usual, courier warehouse explosion again. Double 11 after World War II, lynx cry, let Ma more emboldened, told the media shouted: double 11 to business as the representative of the new business model with the traditional business model of the war, like a lion in the forest of sheep. This is ecological rules, the game has started. at the same time, the former high profile Jingdong Mall is surprisingly silent, and announced that it was $400000000 financing. For the double 11 promotions, we almost did not
Womens Merrell Shoes Fuchsia Yellowsee Jingdong Mall Marketing, which is really surprising. After the media bombardment of hype, calm look at domestic commercial pattern will find that cry digital behind another mystery. p is after 8.15 promotion war, Jingdong Mall funds Lianduanlie rumors heard, lynx strong let people once again admire the Ma business wizards. As everyone knows, the price of electricity suppliers after crazy, shuffling has quietly begun. Billions of data course to win a good omen, but this does not mean that lynx can be washed off Taobao proliferation of fake traces. Repeatedly promotion warehouse explosion, and questioned the promotion after the positioning of the business platform, Ma Department clearly reduced. had to admit that from Taobao to lynx, Ma Yun’s homework done well, the good faith crisis has been a lot of improvement. Subsequently, the access threshold for lynx is also rising, Ma Yunzheng try to use economic leverage to improve the overall level of business. Facts have proved that the cat is only a little more regular than Taobao, a lot of the trap behind. Compared with the Jingdong, Suning Tesco, Kuba business platform, lynx is more like a normal market, and Jingdong and Suningyi purchase these platforms is a regularization of the supermarkets. p Suning Analysys and Bowser, belonging to traditional snack chain giant Suning and Gome Electrical appliances, they have a professional delivery team and aftersales service system, invoice. And lynx, whether it is distribution, or after sale, or is the product quality, can not form a standard system. The key is that lynx although there are strict rewards and punishment, but the lynx on the seller’s control efforts are getting worse and worse, disputes is proof. on the domestic electricity suppliers industry pattern, lynx positioning, the user is bound to be a low income group, while Jingdong and Suning are positioned in the highend user groups. The future, this one.

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