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11:18 is on duty 20150511; the right face is hit by a man

11:18 E-CIG CHINA is on duty 20150511; the right face is hit by a man. ; ;;; ; ; Bobai County People’s hospital emergency department has been the case with the family members of the patient’s family Mechanical Mod and RDA members who beat the attending physician, the perpetrators have been detained by public security organs. amp; br amp; amp; on the evening of 18 26, Bobai County People’s Hospital amp; amp; a busy emergency department of the hospital, many patients come to see the doctor, the on duty female doctor Cai Xiao physician is busy bee. At this time, a head trauma, brain still awake, about 40 year old female patient was brought in by cart, the nurse on duty, the doctor has given admissions and asked, examination of the patien
t. I do not know is how to return a responsibility, in the admissions process, Dr. Cai Xiao suddenly for no reason is a wearing a black Tshirt, about 20 years old, accompanied by male relatives a boxing heavy hit
on the right side of her face. At that time, Dr. Cai Xiao felt stupid, but
she still insisted to patients continue to see a doctor, until the end. In this process, the reporter confirmed from the hospital surveillance video access in. br amp; amp; about over the 5 minutes after, Dr. Cai Xiao only gradually feeling
being played right face pain unceasingly, dizziness, nausea, headache, vomiting, it is difficult to continue to Disposable e cigarette work, hence reporting to the E-CIGARETTE CHINA leadership of the Department Hot E Cig kits before leaving the job, check ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA the healing. br amp; amp; after the incident, the Dean Cheng Jun Liang height attention, and immediately rushed to the scene to understand the situation, arrange Medical amp; college work, and to visit the injured doctor Cai Xiao, advised them to temporarily stop duty, carefully check the body and healing, also condemning the violence injury medical behavior, prescribed medicine amp; hospital security personnel pay attention to strengthen security work, and reported to the police
station area. Social Vientiane

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