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11:45 20150530 there is a kind of moving to let us down always has a kind of moving to let us down in tears night

11:45 20150530 there is a kind of moving to let us down always has a kind of moving to let us down in tears night, I was tired, I hurried to the bed. Nine o’clock, dong. Dong. A quick knock at the door woke me up from my sleep. who is it? I kept thinking about ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA the. With a face of drowsiness, I stumbled and opened the door, I saw a shy young man standing at the door. excuse me, who are you looking for? I asked softly. master Huang, you don’t recognize it? I’m Wu Ya jr.! 09 years in the area where the old Yi Zhan line, large machine tamping, you gave us through the class, do you remember? Young man anxiously gestures. oh. Oh, you are Guizhou Xiao Wu! A thought in my head over, suddenly thought of a person p that’s still station six years ago, when we cooperate with large tamping machine line, foreman arrangement I took a group of migrant workers with in the back fill seal picks nest. Migrant workers in a young man caused my attention: he is wearing a pair of glasses, thin build, inno
cent face, simple and honest honest appearance, usually taciturn and Zhigu down hard work. Later and he chatted about homely learned: that year he just graduated from high school, because the university entrance exam is not ideal, has not been able to admission of his former Italian institutions, Hot E Cig kits parents hope him to repeat
a year before the exam, perhaps is the sake of youthful energy. The results he in a fit of pique is and the
villagers ran out together industry and trade. Because I am also from the rural poor out, how much can experience to E-CIG CHINA some of his thoughts and feelings. After a few days, I to own some experience to slowly enlighten him and tried to make him understand that such a truth: a person without certain cultural and skill long, it is difficult to gain a foothold in the modern E-CIGARETTE CHINA workplace competition is particularly fierce social, after all, young people may not a lifetime are playing hard labor, for myself but also for my family! Later the boy listened to my advice, finally returned to the home school to repeat. Because at that time to come and go in a hurry, we did not leave a contact phone, from now on, I will gradually forget him. yes, I am! This year, after graduating from University, I hired a foreign work to Guangzhou, this is not, I’m going to report. Passing through the Yulin yesterday. I hurried to the old area to find you, colleagues said after you have been transferred to the high iron
work, I frantically rushed to the side, the multi inquire, finally found you here! The young man, such as the negative release, a bright smile on his face. master Huang, we are Disposable e cigarette all grateful to the whole family! This is where we have the local products, their own species of fruit, take some to give you a taste, please be sure to take! The young man put the bag in my hand. you are too polite, people come, sit in the house! Mechanical Mod and RDA I took his
hand. no, I’ll go to the coachman, goodbye! Small

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