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12:03 20101208 the high iron leap out of control is very tangled ; that year

12:03 20101208 the high iron leap out of control is very tangled ; that year, I had the honor to become one of the first passengers in Beijing, Tianjin and Beijing highspeed train harmony trial operation of the first passengers, two stations throughout ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA the full direct operation time is less than 30 minutes, according to the broadcast told: this group of nearly 400 kilometers E-CIG CHINA of train, is the world’s fastest train operation. after a lapse of two or three years, according to official data, as of October 2010, China’s highspeed railway operating mileage has more than 7055 kilometers, ranking first in the world. At present, Beijing to Tianjin, Wuhan to Guangzhou, Zhengzhou to Xi’an, Shanghai to Nanjing and other highspeed rail, has opened operations, operating speed of 350 kilometers per hour. Highspeed Rail is a general entertainment star, repeatedly made news, attracts people’s attention. The two days of the Seventh World High Speed Railway Conference is a good news: in December 3rd, China’s
new generation of highspeed trains in the Beijing Shanghai highspeed railway ran 486.1 kilometers of the highest operating speed, highspeed
rail test car next year will be the impact of nearly 600 kilometers per hour! The world record of 574.8 kilometers per hour of the French test train has been broken down by our country! China has become the world’s fastest railway system technology, the most integrated, the longest Mechanical Mod and RDA running
mileage, running speed, the largest in the construction of the country. And in accordance with the Ministry of Railways planning, to 2020,
our country should be built four vertical and four horizontal highspeed railway network, through Beijing and Tianjin to the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, connecting the west to the East. Operating mileage, the
total mileage of highspeed railway in 2012 will exceed 13000 km; 2020 will reach more than 16000 kilometers. five most, prove that our motherland is very strong, we are very strong iron boss. This is a very awesome, inspire people, jubilation worth celebrating put up a pageantry thing, but my heart is very tangled: rising prices, Highspeed Rail speed to break the world record, and our living environment and safety stayed Disposable e cigarette the same even backwards. says it’s a high bar, and the other is too much to say. one, the high speed rail leap forward the most tangled first is the quality of the problem. Although the media has reported that Mr Obama acknowledged that America’s highspeed rail technology than China behind 10 years and many other developed countries also on China’s highspeed rail technology sighed Eph such as. But the train is not a plane, Haste makes waste, the train, track safety, stability, reliability and emergency response capability is E-CIGARETTE CHINA really so can be assured that it? The rules of the game are mostly to remedy the situation, once the accident, a major event, people to care for Hot E Cig kits and back some of the details. Wuhan Guangzhou highspeed rail operators within a short span of 40 days, a continuous occurrence of 5 incidents, an average of every 8 days together, although not caused?

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