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12:23 20150120 for the national football Asian Cup in Australia was raging

12:23 20150120 for the national football Asian Cup in Australia was raging, the national football team match three matches, even naxat, Uzi, North Korea, ahead of a wheel with the first team in the finals, this before the game and have people who want to get? I admit my surprise, national football game has been around for decades, have never seen they have such a good performance, more painful memories, worried the taste. So before the start of the tournament, I still not optimistic about them, think before their final warmup match, even 0 0 draw against Palestinian. Can you optimistic up? . Before the game, some foreign media prediction Disposable e cigarette bottom of the national football team, was eliminated, the point, a lot of people agree. However, everyone’s heart and hope the Orangemen have good performance, because, this is, after all, their national team, their children, don’t want him to live up to expectations? However, in the strength and foot out in where, so, everyone’s heart is very disturbing. It is in this state of mind, the Asian Cup began. the first game, the Chinese team has been E-CIGARETTE CHINA lucky Mechanical Mod and RDA to win over Saudi Arabia, givin
g the country a little surprise. This war is really a luck ingredient in inside, because Saudi penalty, otherwise the outcome unpredictable, and to the goals of the sea also a little bit of luck, so even though we are China’s opener, successful and happy, but the heart on the prospects for the is still not too dared imagine. The previous game, Hot E Cig kits the Orangemen also won the first battle, but eventually helpless
out, this time will be how? second, 21 reverse beat Uzbekistan, the Orangemen showed his tenacious struggle of the side, we are happy for that, and more exciting, the Orangemen actually ahead of a wheel ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA lock group was the first outlet, this is really a day of good news! Before watching the game, always worried at the last round, and tangled
in the draw with mom can qualify the situation, this time finally do not have such torture. The last round, we can see the game safely, it’s good! Two matches, but in fact, country foot level is not necessarily a much improvement, every shot number is not too much, just too good luck, grasp the opportunity ability improved, and, the hard efforts of all the members of the team, puts together the vigor up, can make up for the lack of ability of some, so the Orangemen to usher in such a good start. But it was enough to make the fans happy and happy to celebrate. the third war, narrowly 21 victory over North Korea, sun two goals are very exciting, but the Orangemen in the second half performance was not good. It is also a reminder of our, country foot at present and strength is not a qualitative leap, just a little progress, so you can not be too
proud of, a E-CIG CHINA quarter final is the real test of the Chinese team. Think about it, the country foot against the
host team scene, it is full of expectation. Look forward to two days after the game, the country can once again bring us happiness and surprise.

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