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:14:57 # Jiepan #

:14:57 # Jiepan #? Received: the market opened slightly higher on Tuesday, then sideways. The closing down, closing down. Yesterday rose 5%, today fell 0.5%, the overall is a normal adjustment, do not have to panic. Plate stock change in half, money effect is still obvious. The smiling face, upward band unchanged, rebound trend has not changed. Is expected to wash basin,
the market outlook will try to hit 4000 pressure! Market always in the development of hesitation. The 7 largest, followed by a hot, high throw bargain hunting! Opportunity is still greater than the risk. 0811 14:59?:14:56? # Jiepan #? Received rating: Friday market opened higher following a high, a Puzhang, limit of 100 shares, circle of harvest. Retail investors are always bullish and bearish. Looking back, since August, has been optimistic about the market outlook, and to remind the C wave adjustment is limited, brewing intermediate Disposable e cigarette market, not afraid of shock, a firm bargaining chip, etc Rose is not Hot E Cig kits surprising today. Money is more important than the volume. Continue holding, call next week. Happy weekend! 0807 14:57?:15:03? # Jiepan #? Received: Wednesday Dikaigaozou market in early trading, rose inertia, broad sector stocks. But then come down, still smiling face to line. Market c
onfidence in the recovery needs a process, more patience. The shortterm oversold rebound is not over, today belongs to whipsaw nature, expected shortterm shocks will continue to rise. If you break through the 38003830 will be a smiling face, when the popularity will quickly resume. Recommended holding to rise, E-CIG CHINA shortterm opportunities outweigh the
risks. Don’t worry about personal gains and losses 0805 15:04?:14:59? # Jiepan #? Received rating: market opened higher Tuesday following a high, the stock index futures rushed 7%, the GEM board rose across the board, the stock Pu rose. Confirms the blog point of view, C wave adjustment range is limited, the opportunity to be born from panic, etc Last night’s good to become a breakthrough. Is expected tomorrow will be a smile, means that the intermediate market will start. Believe that the Bo has been confident and patient! Shortterm will be red on 4000 points, the proposed full warehouse holdings to rise! In the first show,
no patience to stay away from the E-CIGARETTE CHINA stock market. 0804 15:01?:15:18? # Jiepan #? Blog has been updated, please attention: Analysis on July 9 after hours: rescue success, cyclical rebound to open # Jiepan # receiving rating: Thursday market opened high walk! In the management of continuous positive stimulus, the ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA national team has finally succeeded in the rescue, the futures
trading, the gem limit, stocks are almost all trading! Confirms the blog point of view, believe that the country’s rescue ability, is Mechanical Mod and RDA expected to try to fight back on Thursday, etc After 1500 points of the adjustment, the new wave of market will slowly start, shortterm if you can break through 4000 pressure, the market will see a high line! Control 7 into a warehouse, holding up to rise! Faith is more important than gold! 0709 14:03?:15:04? # Jiepan #? Received: Thursday Gaokaidizou market rebounded today, two days later, by 2

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