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15:32 20111215 in the heart

15:32 20111215 in the heart, love in the world ; to the Guilin filial piety and love the Pro Model Yang Haiying the couple are birds of the same, A great calamity is at hand. fly. It is widely circulated that a very wide word, very popular and without losing the criticism to describe the past and now lives in the laity marital status, suggesting that those madly in love the guys and dolls, spoony tomorrow may is laoyanfenfei. Obviously, this is thousands of years marriage tragedy of true record, Xingshi Yinyuan Zhuan: wife are birds of the same, the heart that has changed the turn for foreigners statement, such a result, once let many people hurt, for artists and to perish. However, in our side there is such a great woman, she with their love, with his promise, with their own actions, rewrite the husband and wife from the same birds fly their imminent disaster fate. Yang Haiying, a plain, flat light of a Longsheng Dong girl. In 1995, Yang Haiying, 25 years old, regardless of her family’s opposition, dutifully married 14 years older than himself, Zhu Jia M
Men Lebron James 10 Elite Black White Reding, happy life Ruqierzhi, soon have the crystallization of marriage, a lovely son, husband diligent considerate and lovely son, she runs fast food shop business is booming, a family can be said that one of the most common human happiness of life. However, the weather is unpredictable. In 1999, the Mid Autumn Festival, this is a good day for a family reunion moon, but her husband Zhu Mingjia but in front of the house was hit by a motorcycle with serious head injuries, after more than half a month of treatment and nursing, her husband’s life saved, but lost consciousness, half of the body can not move, former the gift of the gab, has become the slurred speech, vague, the daily food and drink Lazard fall in the petite Yang Haiying shoulders. Such days have passed for several years, Yang Haiying’s life has become more and more difficult, despite the help and care of friends and family, but the family also need to pick Yang Haiying himself. What should I do? Relatives and friends are to advise her to persuade her to divorce, as soon as possible, to find a good husband, had a good day. Even her husband’s family is also the heart of the heart can not bear, also advised Yang Haiying divorce. Divorce? What does her husband do? How to fulfill that promise before marriage said of a couple? Yang Haiying hesitated, hesitated, she seemed to feel behind countless only pointing hand. After a period of Yang Haiying thought, cudgel thinking, divorce, remarriage. But the other party must accept and take care of paralyzed husband and young son. That is to say, carrying her husband remarried. Carrying her husband remarried? It can be said to have never even heard of it. Will there be a man to accept it? yes, there’s a man in life. pan Chang?

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