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16:14 20110126 why do people like this

16:14 20110126 why do people like this? in a few years ago, a ten billion of private CEOs let me help them to establish the selection and training standards for business managers, that is, the establishment of the socalled competency
model. This is I Hot E Cig kits when the management consultants had called it quits, but difficult human, and may not have a return guest. Nominally headed by ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA our consulting team and the client with E-CIGARETTE CHINA the good, the whole modeling process smooth, three months, mission accomplished. Did not expect, in the report shows, the boss suddenly proposed that loyalty as a top priority, to join the standard system of management personnel to go. br br amp; nbsp amp; amp; amp; now people do not speak too
loyalty, not on the job, ungrateful. From the perspective of business owners, Mechanical Mod and RDA of course, I understand why the boss of
the boss is so not a cold, why the subordinate’s loyalty so yearning. However, for selection, the use of people and education standards, and now there is no he said the loyalty of this simple Disposable e cigarette quality? It seems to hit a big question mark. br amp; nbsp amp; amp; amp; so. When 10 executives face, I asked the boss for half an hour. Finally, the boss Longyan hang not to live, he pats the table, announced the end of academic research: anyway, I just like loyalty, you will be in accordance with the spirit
of to operate it! br br amp; nbsp amp; amp; amp; in the workplace in mixed for so many E-CIG CHINA years, I know, as a consultant, at the moment in addition to the performance of made it impossible for me to another other as: OK. We’ll try our best.

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