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16:33 20150623 swim million mu of landscape

16:33 20150623 swim million mu of landscape, lake, lake, enjoy the ecological Wuzhou Garden Expo million mu of green sea lake landscape dependencies, pleasant scenery, Wuzhou garden is a special exhibition of Disposable e cigarette famous people, folk custom, cultural display Gallery the new area of the 970 female anchor endorsement Hot E Cig kits a href rel = Wuzhou park with oyster shell walls, highlighting the history and culture of Wuzhou million acres of mountains and rivers landscape lake, enjoy the ecological Wuzhou Garden Expo: Liu Guoxiong 6 March 20 morning, the sixth Guangxi Horticultural Exposition Garden one of the theme activities of Ecological Park Bo and E-CIG CHINA landscape Cang sea series of activities in Wuzhou Cang sea lake gorgeous curtain, Cang sea new hand in Guangxi 970 female anchor station jointly carried out for a period of 5 days of Universal Interactive series of activities, visited the Expo Garden of Wuzhou people and ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA tourists gave a green,
health, happiness, harmony summer carnival. p in the morning 8 point 40, we came to Wuzhou City Park Expo Garden, found here has been a tourist
to come to visit the, Cang sea new Cang sea show a is 15 meters, five stories. So high was especially eyecatching, let many visitors can not help but stop and photo in E-CIGARETTE CHINA the center square. Held
here Cang sea landscape square festival festival is to attract the attention of visitors, by 970 female anchor station planning and undertaking of the series of activities, also known as Cang sea landscape Festival, square festival performances both law vibrant hiphop, unique characteristics of folk dance, model show, magic and humorous funny clown performances and wonderful performances won the citizens of cheers and applause. Even if the weather is hot, they can eat with appetite. p Guangxi 970 female anchor radio Sydney anchorwoman,
Wenjie, coconut anchorwoman yuan presided over the the day of the festival, by Guangxi audience favorite, pure and fresh Mechanical Mod and RDA and beautiful beautiful female anchor from behind the scenes come to the stage, let a person shine at the moment. Wuzhou City Cang sea construction investment
Co., Ltd. executive vice president Liu Wei speech, said the 970 female anchor of a clear and warm temperament and green ecology of the sea is very suitable for the sea, I hope you like the love of the 970 female anchor like the sea. 970 female anchor station deputy director Song Yang said, the sea is not only the Wuzhou sea, China is the sea, the sea, the world’s 970 female anchor radio channel to promote the sea project. Subsequently, the scene held a 970 female anchor of the landscape and the landscape of the sea project authorization, which indicates that the beautiful female anchor will be the spokesperson

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