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16:39 20150605 Li Yuyan: non farm is expected to be a good gold under pressure 1170 effective

16:39 20150605 Li Yuyan: non farm is expected to be a good gold under pressure 1170 effective, to see the non farm Report p tonight payrolls report how to preview the trend of gold, as long as the non farm payrolls data will not be significantly weaker than expected, gold converting to have a decent rebound. Today is the OPEC semi annual meeting of the time, not cut not to reduce the output of crude oil basically become a number, the pressure on the oil price will further pressure on the weak gold. At the same time, Greece’s 304000000 euro debt maturity of IMF today, but Greece may postpone the payment of IMF, which will not be a breach of contract. Greek events are unlikely to boost the price of gold unless the non farm report is particularly bad. br br accept analysts in a Bloomberg survey according to the median estimate of, the United States in May, seasonally adjusted nonfarm payrolls increased 22.5 million, the unempl
oyment rate will be steady to 5.4%. U.S. April non farm payrolls br br before the release of the material increase of 22.3 million people, the unemployment rate is expected to fall to 5.4%, 5.4% is expected, the former value 5.5%; April average hourly wage annualized growth of 2.2%, the hourly wage monthly rate rose 0.1%. br br released overnight
the good initial data, and Wednesday’s ADP employment data solidified on nonagricultural employment report market optimism. br br the United States may 30, when the weekly jobless claims down 8000, to 27.6 million, for 13 weeks is less than 30 million mark; the United States may ADP employment than expected increase 20.1 million, an increase since January this year, the largest. br br in the first quarter after a weak economic data, the Federal Reserve and market investors concerned Mechanical Mod and RDA about the second quarter data is suggesting that the economy continued to improve, and judged the new trends of the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates. br br but recently Hot E Cig kits released the data E-CIG CHINA still mixed, including Disposable e cigarette housing data was mixed, super expected weak factory orders in May monthly rate fell 0.4%VS expected fell 0.1% former
value rose 2.2%. This makes the market more attention tonight’s May non
farm report. br from the point of view of financial market sentiment, Wednesday’s U. S. ADP and Thursday the initial data, the dollar, gold, silver and other markets have reacted, the dollar by quite gold and silver face selling pressure. br br comprehensive, non farm optimistic expectations, but still need E-CIGARETTE CHINA to be treated with caution, night spot
gold price above the concerns 11801190, below ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA focus on: 11701165. br br tonight payrolls report how to preview gold

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