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16:41 20131228

16:41 20131228, the son of grade four, was dressed up for the opposite sex. The ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA Li Wendong ‘s home has a son of 10 years old, read primary school grade four. A weekend, I quietly sneak into his room peep what he at stem what. The results showed that this small fart Hai is in front of the mirror, comb the hair. A small flat, front left a bunch of slightly longer point. Then he took E-CIG CHINA a comb will be that a E-CIGARETTE CHINA beam to the left of the theory of the right to cut. Didn’t think I was found, he unexpectedly slowly asked me, Dad, you say this a bunch of hair to which side of the comb is goodlooking? I said, to which side are goodlooking ah. Son said, is it, the people who are handsome to comb the handsome, yes, but we can not see the old man in the class to the left is not goodlooking, is really a nasty man.
son said Liu is a girl, and we live in a district. Son heard this, I am shocked, only 10 years old ah, what are you doing? But seriously think about, in fact the son care Liu XX is not a day for two days, for example, are still reading the second grade,
a good clothes he suddenly refused to wear, insists on giving him wear, you just turn around and he took off their clothes, then hide under the bed. Then asked him why he did not wear, he answered, the students said not goodlooking. But his classmates to wear more than his clothes to look at, say, he is a seven or eight year old child, almost two hundred pieces of clothes are said to look good, to wear more expensive? So then
asked, finally said, Liu so and so say Hot E Cig kits not goodlooking. I thought, Liu so and so say that is really not goodlooking? Really, she is just Mechanical Mod and RDA a seven or eight year old child. But these words I swallow in the stomach, since there is a small friend said that he does not look good, so love the face is not willing to wear, it will not wear it. When the parents will be the teacher is not to emphasize it? Let the child maintain a good mood, so Disposable e cigarette as to develop his good learning habits, so if he is forced to wear a dress he does not want to go to school, how can he have a good mood? Learn how to be good? So even if I am not wealthy, just where to catch is money, but buy clothes to his son can still, after all the ZA this life is such a son, do not give him wear wear to give who? ha ha, you really don’t say, let him keep a good mood every day, learning achievement is really good. If so,
what can I say? So back to buy clothes and shoes what. Without his presence absolutely can not buy, because buy broke out in case someone he doesn’t like to waste. Now the child, but really not easy to serve you. But never mind, not how long he had become aggravated start the whole hairstyle. p son, your dad when reading in Senior 3 didn’t know your mother. In the second year after graduation from college just have you, the results have been classmates, friends and colleagues evaluated for can not go beyond the you can now posture, you have to Dad shot dead on
the beach. This is the same speed as the God, it’s so fast, Dad’s not money.

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