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16:41 20150225 Liu Heren

16:41 20150225 Liu Heren, deputy secretary of the national development and Reform Commission China Economic Net Beijing comprehensive report Yin Yanhong in February 6th, according to the national development and
Reform Commission website shows, Liu He has served as Disposable e cigarette Deputy Secretary of the national development and reform commission. On 30 January afternoon, national development and Reform Commission deputy party secretary, deputy director of the Liu Comrade chaired a commission of reform work conference, to convey the central comprehensive and profound
reform leading group of the ninth meeting of the spirit, study and implement the General Secretary Xi Jinping main instigation, summary plenary 2014 reform work, the deployment of reform work in 2015. according to the China Economic Net ministries figures show, Liu He is the eighteen Central Committee, after the national development and Reform Commission deputy director, Party members. extended reading: Liu He, the eighteen Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee, the central financial and economic leading group office director, deputy director of the national development and reform commission. Many years of senior think tank in China’s reform has surfaced in the media this year, causing sustained attention. has reported that Liu He’s job is to outline the economic pros
pects of China, and this vision will lead the direction of China’s future 10 years. he is the real meaning of the higher division. E-CIGARETTE CHINA One has been working with the officials, said Liu He, the role of the senior personal think tank for many years, has been involved in the development of many important policies. p the quite Mechanical Mod and RDA wide spread of a statement is, in 2008, the financial tsunami is sweeping through the world, then the
State Council Premier Wen Jiabao sent Liu with Harvard University, a group of experts meeting to discuss response strategy. According to media reports, to participate in the meeting of the Harvard Professor Tony amp; middot; sage back said that Liu’s mission is to Wen Jiabao, the United States into the depth of the financial crisis. in addition, Liu He also directly involved in the development and drafting of many important documents. These people, Liu Hezao in the former State Planning Commission, has presided over the development of eleven national industrial ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA policies, of which five were formally promulgated by the state council. He also intervened in the preparation of contemplating the Eighth Five Year Plan, Ninth Five Year plan and 15 plan, Twelfth Five Year Plan, also is still the CPC 16th, fifth, Sixth Plenary Session of the seventeenth, 17th session of the fourth and fifth plenary session file important penned. not only that, he also served as the general secretary of the CPC Central Hot E Cig kits Committee, the three draft of economic notes. before the Third Plenary Session of the eighteen media reports, Liu He led by a team is drafting the Third Plenary Session of the reform plan will be available, the team by the relevant ministries and ministerial officials and some experts and scholars. Liu scrape the seven research group, research in finance, finance, urbanization and land reform project, and intends to will seven copies of integrated report submitted to the central resolution layer. informed sources, at present, Liu He has started a new round of work, E-CIG CHINA the work of some of the economic policies affecting the next year.
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