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17:02 20150529 must learn to listen to the truth

17:02 20150529 must learn to listen to the truth. amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; as the saying goes: good medicine tastes bitter to the mouth, Zhongyannier help line, which is benevolent anymore but to understand the truth, since ancient times, how many people can do. two thousand years of feudal history continue to write a great deal about who dare to speak the truth of the socalled loyal ministers. But the result? How much to get a good end. Especially those who dare in chodo. When facing the emperor speak the truth even contradict the socalled loyalists, it can be said is rarely a good fruit to eat. Luck good by face to face reprimand or dismissed from office is lucky, bad luck some himself against a pillar of death or by the emperor to behead, most bad luck may also will be manmen chaozhan. br amp; amp; amp; amp; on the scene this scene happened in the history, it even in Tang Dynasty Zhenguan most dare to speak the truth even naysayers Mingchen Wei Zheng in front of Tang Taizong Li Shimin, also had to issue a sigh to willing to be a good minister, do not w
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Premium Brown Orangeant to be loyal!. And those socalled treachery, dare to speak face to face the truth contradict their boss, the end of the day, and it is conceivable, good luck a little to shoes you wear that you may not feel better, luck bad list some charges call you prison rice to eat, whining Hello experience not rewarded; as for civilians to the official who said a few words of truth, reflect the actual problem, the difficulty can be imagined. br amp; amp; amp; amp; with the wheel of history moment removed to the 21st century, when we suddenly wake up, this just discovers, tell the truth on our side, and not necessarily more and more, but showing a declining trends, especially the official side speak truth, much less the. Its market development space, it can be said to be increasingly small, and continue to be squeezed out, so that the development of such a situation, have to worry. br amp; amp; amp; now, you as long as attention to concern about US officials, especially the orders of the leaders, is still on the stage, radio and television, newspapers and magazines no singing the praises of not, retinue of aides and subordinate is even more so, also see how many brave or willing to speak true face to face the truth that which you are not a gentleman. You can wait until a step down, transferred or at the time of the accident. At that time, even your ancestors three generations, eight bar could not beat the edge of the scandal, he will send you out. And broke the news, perhaps your socalled closest peace fraternizing with which people, because only those talents are the most understand you the ins and outs of the people. Can this all is you close the villain, away from the gentleman caused by. To do this, think about it! To blindly say good things about you and respect you not dare to face people, right? I must understand clearly,

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