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17:26 20150624 Nanning wall: a lot of people do not want to accept the charity ; recently

17:26 20150624 Nanning wall: a lot of people do not want to accept the charity ; recently, a media plan to the wall of rice Nanning temperature, the hope Hot E Cig kits that through a bowl of rice, the story, let everyone experience the city’s temperature. Specifically, is to buy a bowl of rice in the ability to stick on the wall, for the time of the need to use the people. The purpose is to let E-CIGARETTE CHINA the capsule of the customer can ask if there is a wall of rice, if there is no need to pay can also eat
a bowl of hot hot rice. br imagination in the have a dress is not the whole of the old man into the rice noodles timidly asked do excuse me now have rice on the wall? After that, can eat a bowl of hot hot wall, which is how warm. But the wall of rice in Nanning and not get promotion, activities carried out a week after, some people eager ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA to trying to buy some posted on the wall, but receive very few people. This activity is difficult to reach the original intention: the wall of the rice represents the trust and care between people. according to the author studyparis opinion, this wall R
ice noodles in Nanning is probably not much of a market. A, Nanning people including activities in Nanning outsiders even poor, even is too poor to eat without the meal, due to the face, is also very difficult to walk into the any store to ask for a meal to E-CIG CHINA dine. Of all ages in the eyes of the Chinese people, face is related to a person’s dignity and reputation, the Chinese people love face
deeprooted habit, from emperors to a commoner, from the oldest man to sensible children, without exception, the face as their second life. In goodbye, Leighton Stuart this article, Mao Zedong wrote: we are the backbone of the Chinese. Zhu Ziqing a serious illness, would rather starve to death, not to get the United States of relief. Face culture in the face of the poor, Mechanical Mod and RDA for many people, the first to lose face is their strong sense of shame. I do not doubt that those who stick to the wall of rice, the good intentions, but it must be pointed out that
those who go to receive rice flour is also invisible in the poor label, which is they must not accept, because this has the meaning of discrimination. two, even if the poor let go of the face to ask a there is no wall of rice, most will encounter cold face. In the Disposable e cigarette streets and lanes Nanning often see some beggars, they almost have been shut sb. Perhaps, under the strong pressure of public opinion these people into some rice noodles will encounter some smiling face, but the wind had estimated the people most in need of rice on the wall will not be able to get the. It is understood, in Nanning a noodle shop with curiosity to fetch the wall of rice is rejected, the waiter said this is for poor farmers to eat the. The Rice noodles stale, put the warmth into charity. br it seems wall of rice this only
need to lift a finger can express the love between people also need longer time to promote the. For now, this seems to go through the road if you can change direction.

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