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20080819 [19:06] Chinese Pingtan Olympic men’s basketball: data tell us in the battle of Lithuania

20080819 [19:06] Chinese Pingtan Olympic men’s basketball: data tell us in the battle of Lithuania, not so terrible 18 in the afternoon and not into the class, there is a basketball game that is continuous next
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 VT Women Wholesale to several offices are not a class, all open network TV, watching the Chinese men’s basketball team. br amp; br the first half, Yao Ming, most of the time in to sit on the bench, Zhang Qingpeng, Du Feng is, Wang Lei is faceless. Also do not know what the Air Jordan Shoes Womens old you want to do, the Chinese men’s basketball team played the first Blake Griffin Shoes half of the games since the start of the Olympic Games, 22 points behind the opponent, since the three points is 14 in 0. China Men’s basketball team won the post has been qualified, as for the group third or fourth, up to touch who the coach has its own arrangements. We also thought that the old, especially in the preservation of strength, to give more time to rest in Dayao, but in the second half we see the outbreak of the Chinese men’s basketball team, the original old, especially in the drill team. Lithuania is a strong team in Europe, but also a strong team, which is a bit like greece. Th
Mens Nike Air Max 90 VT Black Greye old at the end of the two are quite effective for defense. In addition to Zhang Qingpeng and Shipeng Wang more playing time, preparing for the semifinals. It is Glow in the Dark Jordan Men particularly worth mentioning is Shipeng Wang, the third day he completely broke out, a change in the first four low mi. Coupled with the performance of the outstanding Yue Sun, since the score was 10 points. The fourth section is possible to unseat the world championship runner up. br amp; br but strong team is strong, Greece is one of the overall playing
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 VT Men Wholesale basketball the best team and national basketball team in the 28th, the dream team is annihilation in their sea. Spann continue to break through, we have no way to control the health of his approach, in particular, Zhang Qingpeng was broken ball later a Kobe Bryant Shoes very dangerous defense, Spann almost wanted to fight. Spann dialogue, we see the gap, but the
Cheap Nike Max 90 Current Moire Wholesale collision between Dayao and shark, really let Dayao out of the mouth. The world championships Nike Air Max Womens two years ago, shark carrying more than 300 pounds of meat to play in front of the exhaustion of Dayao, the Chinese men’s basketball team with 31 points of difference lost to Greece. Shrunk, now the Dayao muscles stronger, Jordan Nubuck Men playing more mature, although recovered only 70%, but enough to beaten shark. Play 14 minutes before Dayao scored 16 points and 5 rebounds in 31 minutes, to avenge the two years before the 5 shots to score 10 points. br amp; br 77:91, the Chinese men’s basketball team, although negative Greek men’s basketball team, but 14 points difference is the smallest gap between two warring history. From the group stage and the three European teams to fight, the European team is not terrible. The 19 day of the match with Lithuania, the boys mustering the strength, eighth or four in the campaign in. Tags:Rel= Olympic Games ; Rel= nofollow China Men’s basketball ;

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