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2010 in late July

2010 in late July, Beijing jewim pharmacy will be oriented toward Beijing office a lot of defecting the health, I beautiful directory. This is the second Nepstar, Golden Elephant Pharmacy, Yunnan jianzhijia after a test catalog marketing mainstream chain. amp; amp; in fact, in a foreign country, sale catalogue catalog sale is old sales model, in the 20th century half leaf in economically developed countries pioneered the rise, now the sales mode in developed countries, growth has begun to decline. But in China and Asia, catalog sales is a new sales model, growth is good, in recent years, the domestic but also the emergence of i like lebron james 2014 a batch of catalog i love jordan nubuck men sales model: started to maternal red child, main women’s McCaw, positioning on the activities of the welloff family. amp; sales catalog is consumers through the consult discount lebron james website issued regularly catalog shopping mall shopping directory,
Derrick Rose II Shoes Men Wholesale call the mall in the traffic center telephone ordering, then by
Derrick Rose Shoes Wholesale a professional courier company or free delivery personnel provide quality and efficient doortodoor service way of i like air jordan shoes men shopping. amp; amp; and for the pharmaceutical retail industry, sale catalogue definitely belongs to fully fledged innovation marketing m
Mens Carmelo Anthony 9 Shoes White Blackode, the old way of selling is a pharmacy glow in the second spring, with the rise of direct marketing, industry pioneers and if successful, I believe make the sales model in the industry will achieve the amp; amp; amp; Nepstar innovation center in early 2009 launched a meet the family life necessities sales orders, to tailored
Carmelo Anthony 9 Shoes Men Wholesale to customers a healthy diet plan, the main organic, green, the original ecological. Publication is positioned as a guide to healthy life, around people health, health care, nutrition, scientific diet i love cheap jordans wholesale and other aspects of stimulating demand. To provide customers with a variety of healthy living solutions. meaning of marketing is to Nepstar directory with the launch of a new category, which is healthy food. The final result is obtained by manual customer cognition, but not much as the directory itself Nepstar sales and profits. Therefore, since the second half of 2009 Nepstar has already begun to build eyecatching health food area in the shop, when directory cognitive Nepstar began using physical outlets to generate sales. China launched in the catalog sales, followed by jianzhijia. But jianzhijia locked in high value added goods, and shop on the ground, the catalogue of commodities are generally few goods shop on the ground. Goods mainly to medication of chronic diseases mostly hospital discount kids air jordan shoes varieties, the counter products, such as Vichy, Ya Yang, ginseng Cordyceps, maternal and child products and large medical equipment such as massage chairs. Move jianzhijia using channel order expanded their product line and richness, when the store inventory volume can not meet all the needs of the customer, the practical inventory into their own virtual inventory. Jianzhijia directory has continued to do, the effect is good. in fact, from last year in the gold mesh continuously introduced article

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