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20110103 12:40 Federation drunken beauty pen Zhaoping 1

20110103 12:40 Federation drunken beauty pen Zhaoping 1. br the pen, on behalf of the Hot E Cig kits Writers Association, but
understanding of the literary circles Photographers Association, calligraphers, artists, musicians and all walks of life so many elites, I am deeply honored. Go, I take is musician association Qin Jie, chairman of the car, is next to the famous host Yang Jianhua beauty, she served as president of the association, the moment I don’t remember clearly. E-CIG CHINA Tang Yufen is
a beautiful girl Disposable e cigarette in front, is a singer, is said to have won the award in the green song, really amazing! Her husband is the art museum E-CIGARETTE CHINA curator Liao Chunsheng, they are a c
ouple of art. br the pen,
president he Jianqiang affirmed the achievements I have made in the creation of small novels, let me happy, deeply ashamed. What is what President He Jianqiang ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA said, I did not dare to refuse his kindness in a flagrant way. But I do have the result, in 2010, I know that. For a year, because I to
the local town middle school teacher, wrote very little. I have been thinking of a number of authoritative publications, has not yet touched the edge. So, President He Jianqiang’s praise, it makes me ashamed. I like the pen, the emperor’s new clothes in the emperor, reluctantly supported the scene outwardly strong but Mechanical Mod and RDA inwardly weak. In 2011, I hope I can sleep on the brushwood, to shame!

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