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20110117 19:48 why people often extremely clever is not successful

20110117 19:48 why people often extremely clever is not successful? why people often extremely clever is not Hot E Cig kits successful? p common to the relevant article said that some of the smartest, have good education of talent often cause not smooth, often move from job to job, and thus the wise man put forward such accusations, even a little schadenfreude. On the surface of these accusations seems to be some truth, but indepth analysis will find that the reason for this phenomenon is not just the smart people themselves, but the main reason is that these smart people and social interaction results. it is well known that the work is to be done, so it is necessary to have a relationship with others. Everyone has a mutual benefit relationship. From the organization, the work should be carried out according to the will of the superior, but from how to carry out the good work, the work should be carried out according to the idea that the rational. If there is E-CIGARETTE CHINA a right and
the right is not the same person, it is bound to produce a contradiction between each other. If there is a very smart, good education and experience of personnel, t
hen ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA he will make his superior felt their knowledge is relatively low. The boss will think this clever man wisdom is better than ordinary people usually obedient good beck and call, to the wise man will produce anger and jealousy mentality, invisible to wise men set up obstacles. Smart people can not be achieved, the higher level will have a dissatisfaction. It is easy to deteriorate the relationship between the smart people and the superior, the smart people get the actual
work and promotion opportunities for promotion but less than ordinary people. Parkinson’s law Mechanical Mod and RDA pointed out: the general choice of
higher than their own people to do the lower level, so as Disposable e cigarette to avoid the competition on the job. This phenomenon is popular in terms of Wu Dalang set up shop. Visible due to the people’s interests and jealous crowd mentality to make smart people in the working environment become very bad. This is why some extremely clever good educational experience, talents are often not smooth. History, Han Xin is very smart, Pang li Liu contribution, but E-CIG CHINA the end is so miserable, because Liu Bang was jealous of his ability. Su Dongpo once had a poem to sigh a way: the world keeps a son to be clever, I’m a life of wisdom. I wish my son Lu and Yu, peace to the duke. He is not for the parties involved, finally died in Hainan. so, where is the way out for the smart people? People are familiar with the history of the party know, Mao Zedong is the generation of a great man, but in the early days but repeatedly to be excluded, almost cannot take part in the long march. He in
the Zunyi Meeting, can become a leader, because we learned from the lesson of blood, if don’t let talent? Mao Zedong, then the Reds will complete failure. From here we can experience, because the cause of the failure will be a threat to everyone’s survival, thus to cause heart weakened to suppress the envy of smart people crowd mentality; smart people can play to career success, the collective and the individual will be able to survive. Hero is the truth in troubled times. Market

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