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20110617 17:13 teaches bureau plans from the male teacher Ritchie kindergarten to primary school he worked as a primary school physical education teacher

20110617 17:13 teaches bureau plans from the male teacher Ritchie kindergarten to primary school he worked as a primary school physical education teacher, but also to do a
fitness instructor, but now his career is a kindergarten teacher in Jianye District ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA of Nanjing experimental kindergarten. Graduated from Nanchang University Sports Education Institute of the young boy Ma Yin is now in the nursery is very red, because of his physical
education class, the children are particularly happy, so he is now in Jianye District of Nanjing Experimental Kindergarten three Park to run. Even more surprising, because get inspiration from his body, Jianye District Education Bureau is brewing from primary mobilized 10 male teachers to the kindergarten, to understand the male preschool education shortage priority. why would you want to borrow the teacher from primary school? Jianye District Experimental Kindergarten has just recruited a former primary school male teachers, children are very fond of him he was a primary school sports teacher also worked as a fitness trainer p graduated from Nanchang University School of physical education, etc., before engaged in preschool education, when Mechanical Mod and RDA elementary school physical education teachers a
nd also worked as a fitness coach, for the kindergarten male teacher’s he said, start complete is but now has been received and like this career. Ma Yin told reporters that their professional education in the University, the parents are always looking forward to his counterpart employment. After graduation, he was in a primary school as a time after the physical education teacher, think not very appropriate, and then changed the job of a Fen Jianyan instructor. Last summer in
the newspaper to see the Jianye District Experimental Kindergarten male teacher, he decided to try. I never thought that will go to the kindergarten work, university students are not engaged in preschool education. But when I went to the kindergarten, with the E-CIGARETTE CHINA children playing in the process of the invention, they are a special pure evil, working for a while I get more and more feel their choice is right. The physical education in kindergarten and my college is different in nature, which mainly in primary and middle school education. And in the kindergarten is important to play sports. he wrote the lesson plan let the children against the grey wolf kindergarten also became a sports teaching and research group, I have each class teaching and research team leader and team members to me Hot E Cig kits to lead, assisted me to enter the role more quickly. p Ma said, close relatives and his friends learned of his new job are very surprised, think from the fitness coach to
kindergarten teacher this transformation is really too big. His own before did not come into contact with this work also and everybody, that kindergarten is some female teacher with children sing and dance, but through more than half a year of work, Yin Ma feel male teacher can bring about the more masculine education for Disposable e cigarette the children. At the beginning of a lot of kindergarten with the sports teaching material are the female teacher, I teach it is not suitable for. Ma Yin told reporters, E-CIG CHINA he is now in the series of teaching plan. For example, the last time I was in the open class, the title is small.

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