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20130508 11:13 Xu Tao was rocket by appointment

20130508 11:13 Xu Tao was rocket by appointment, who can be so free? ; p 3 months late, Hunan Xiangtan County, a young man traced Xu Tao rocket promoted: five and seven changing of the guard, ten months was promoted to Fu Keji cadres, a year and a half is a deputy director of, during and Xiangtan University fulltime graduate students; then, Hunan and ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA the establishment
of survey group; 4 month, Xu Tao is Hot E Cig kits Xiangtan University drop out, cancel school; April 22, six officials were punished. On July 5, was nominated by the deputy magistrate removed from office, handled according to the relevant provisions of the law, according to the section level positions arranged corresponding work. p in just less than two months time, the originally had been sent to hopes for the young man in a hurry to finish him this time short Deputy County Road, experience E-CIGARETTE CHINA the time the
ups and downs of joy and sorrow. Although is the relevant departments mistake must change, courage. But it also exposes some of our places in the selection and employment of people, as well as in the use of the process of the people is not rigorous, not open, opaque. p in fact, Xu Tao himself is jus
t a victim, five and seven changing of the guard or, rocket promoted worth mentioning, is not he can about the results. And those who can change his future, in fact, those who are in the Department. p however, April 22, Hunan provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department released survey results briefing, said: Xu Tao promotion process found no manipulation, fraud and other serious
violations of, but did not strictly comply with the relevant procedures. Hunan Province, the relevant departments decided to Xiangtan Municipal Committee, the organization of the Minister of Peng Yanfeng, such as six cadres of criticism and education, etc no manmade operation this conclusion may be difficult to convince the public, and since there are no problems, then why should the six Disposable e cigarette cadres to deal with it? As is known to all, a cadre of appropriated for use, Mechanical Mod and RDA usually through democratic recommendation, assessment organization, decision, and many other aspects of the discussion. How, in the process, which is not part of the people to operate? p maybe we can understand so, not artificial operation, does not mean that there is no operation, but in the black box operation was not found only. p to step back, if Xu Tao promoted the process really found no human operation, of course we are looking forward to to see the relevant departments appropriated after the 85, deputy magistrate of reason, and
I want to know during the work in five years, he made what is very prominent and extraordinary achievements. It is a pity that. All of these we have not been able to see; as for Xu Tao’s general election results and rankings, Cross City admission specific process are the core of the problem, people are less likely to get a satisfactory answer. from the 90 female E-CIG CHINA secretary, to now the 85 after deputy magistrate, the story of Xiangtan is still a continuation of. The two is a hot issue of public opinion in the description of such a truth: 1 who is not important,

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