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20131109 10:05 in Guilin vaguely remember the end of the month

20131109 10:05 in Guilin vaguely remember the end of the month, such as the honeymoon trip, the people in the middle of the painting, pilgrimage Karst. The nine horse painting mountains natural carving, uncanny workmanship of nature carved a lifelike, Lijiang River, the clear water and blue sky, constantly emerge in front of us. In fact the claim is dream tour, childhood in the textbook first eye see landscape jiatianxia Guilin, always think have one day be able to see for myself. br couples couples in road Nike Air Max Womens couples couples two backpack to Jordan Nubuck Men eat, a small trolley luggage, my husband and I this appeared on the train to Guilin, thinking is about to reach the hearts of the holy land, even if dusty commuting, nor will my interest weakened half points. Sometimes chat with her husband, hungry to come out of the bag to wash the clean apples out to eat. Eat sweet apple, looking out of the window gradually away from Glow in the Dark Jordan Men the scene, with full expectations. After
Cheap Nike Max 90 Current Moire Wholesale a six hour drive, we are finally out of the Guilin railway station, at the moment, Tetraena dusk, took the luggage in the square in front of the station in the direction of the road to see, the mountain rainbow flashing, busy. Place is already booked online in the economy, as in the past the shortcut, just bough
Mens Nike Air Max 90 VT Black Whitet two bowls of Rice noodles on dinner. That night was a sweet night, a night without a dream. br couples couples people in the painting in the middle reaches of the couples couples tomorrow early got out of bed, downstairs to the northwest noodle eat the meal very authentic Lanzhou noodles, my husband and I carrying a package with the mission to Yangshuo. br sitting on a small raft Tour River, people have completely is to Kobe Bryant Shoes attract the surrounding scenery, natural karst seat mountain shapes, Zhang Guo old daoqilv, beacon immortal lifelike. Nine horse painting nine mountain horse darling, like Xu Beihong under the pen of the horse, shapes of running. To look at other cliff, HYAKKI night, playing Baigujing. In the beauty of the painting in the middle reaches of the lies not only in, is more rich imagination, I pointed to the king the king. However, in the absence of imagination in the eyes of her husband, but is a heap of stones, naturally he will experience not to
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 VT Men Wholesale the fun. br the next trip will be a bit hasty, moon hill in the tour car in a hurry to skim over, mother moon story was also
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 VT Women Wholesale guide highly commercial publicity and become dull. Hastily visited canoe forest of the big banyan, and visit several attractions, the same time. br couples couples return journey br the next day to seven Blake Griffin Shoes star park tour a lot, we embarked on the return journey, to return to Nanning, ready to ride booked the flight back to Harbin. In Guangxi last night not well ahead of the scheduled hastily in Wuyi Road Air Jordan Shoes Womens found a call Wei Jing fast, also caught in the shop sweeping micro preferential, the comfortable and comfortable sleep a night. br aftertaste this trip to Guilin, feel a little hasty. A lot of food did not have a good taste, it is regrettable that a vacation is too short, just want to have holiday again. But to go back with friends also have to show off the blow. To consult with my husband.

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