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20150525 11:39 first settled in Nanning remote Liuzhou chamber of Commerce

20150525 11:39 first settled in Nanning remote Liuzhou chamber of Commerce, chamber of Commerce started helping fund assistance photo Mechanical Mod and RDA amp; amp; amp; in order to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in Nanning Liuzhou membership members of the business community, to further promote the willow business integration of resources, enhance the Nanning, Liuzhou, the two places in the economic development and international, to further enhance the friendship between the fellow villager, set up in Nanning, Liuzhou, folks free Syria Xiangqing their friendship, mutual exchanges and enhance solidarity, cooperation and winwin platform, Nanning Liuzhou chamber of Commerce set up in Nanning and on the afternoon of May 23 in Nanning Wharton International Hotel held the establishment
ceremony, Nanning Disposable e cigarette Investment Promotion Bureau related leaders, Liu Yong’s enterprise and brother chamber of commerce business community in more than 500 people gathered together, altogether Royal Chamber of Commerce was established. It is understood that the Liuzhou Nanning chamber of commerce is so far the first place in Liuzhou chamber of Commerce, there are more than 90 member units. ; Liuzhou Nanning chamber of Commerce in Nanning last year, th
e Investment Promotion Bureau and the Nanning Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau approved the establishment, in January this year, the Nanning Municipal Civil Affairs
Bureau approval was formally established. Nanning Liuzhou chamber of Commerce, uphold the principle of equality, pragmatic, integrity, tolerance, mutual aid, health, service, winwin purposes, to provide capital, resources, credit, personnel services for member enterprises, and the industrial policy guidance, legal affairs coordination and other support, support,
and strive to build the effective platform for Liuzhou and its people enterprise and fellow professionals, fellow enterprises ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA communicate, exchange information, exchange of information, sharing opportunities, together with the construction project, the need for mutual aid; fellow villagers in Liuzhou become dependent and exclude the difficulty and anxiety, trust the warm, warm home; promote dragon culture, to create taking Liu brand, to build a bridge the government, enterprises, talents, guide members to participate in social welfare undertakings, public welfare activities, social returns, to lead and promote the healthy development of member enterprises. amp; amp; amp; set up celebration, Tian Ji Wu, deputy director of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Nanning, Nanning City Investment Promotion Bureau deputy director Huang Huigu, Liuzhou E-CIG CHINA municipal Party Committee United Front Work Department Minister Jiao Yaoguang arrived to congratulate him and delivered a speech. President of the chamber of Commerce in Liuzhou, Nanning, Dong Riming, vice president Chi Shangbiao also made an important speech. President Dong, pool, vice president said, Liuzhou chamber under the leadership of the Council, will not live up to the leaders at all levels and the vast majority E-CIGARETTE CHINA of Yong Liu business expectations, the chamber of Commerce building democracy, harmony, sunshine of the chamber of Commerce, and strive to become the new benchmark for Liuzhou chamber in
different places, pragmatic, pioneering and innovative, to create Hot E Cig kits a new brand of the most influential Nanning Liuzhou chamber, make new contribution to the promotion of economic development and communicate progress in Nanning and Liuzhou. Liuzhou bank and other units and Nanning.

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