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20150627 18:07 swimming eight Dazhaigou last week

20150627 18:07 swimming eight Dazhaigou last week, coincides with the Dragon Boat Festival and the summer solstice, the three days of the holiday, the first day and go home to visit his parents, choose the next day to eight stronghold ditches swimming. On the third day to gathering with friends. hot summer day, eager to water. Far from Jiuzhaigou, I have been to, but can not swim; eight Dazhaigou very close, can swim, but I have never been. So, this time, in any case, to experience a. eight stronghold ditches indeed very close, from the city of Qin of take the highspeed, about 50 kilometers, half an hour by car, we soon arrive at the scenic spot. scenic spots in a lush green trees, tree lined Road, a woman who has many progenies, qujingtongyou. Bridges along the way, the insects and birds, full of mountain air. Living in the city, occasionally to the country for a walk, feel fresh. Eight Dazhaigou, the biggest feature is the oxygen and water, and I felt especially in the summer, sw
imming is the best choice. Along the way, everywhere large and small pool, such as crescent lake, fairy pool, the Disposable e cigarette general pool, clear water, cool and pleasant, has long been the best place for visitors to swim. we walked, breathing the fresh air, listening to birds sound, but forget walking fatigue. However, take a long time, winding mountain road all walk not to the end, had to
give up, along the road to return, choose to
swim. After the trip, is to swim, swim eight Dazhaigou my biggest purpose and desire. back to the general pool, the pool E-CIG CHINA width but dozens of square, but the water is deep, many visitors, many people swim in the water to see, we couldn’t wait to put on a swimsuit, into its bosom, suddenly, a shares cool throughout the whole body, tetrasomic Winton, heat dunxiao, really is too comfortable! What is the ratio in summer summer to join the cool spring water more pleasant? It was unexpected. No wonder so many people like to Mechanical Mod and RDA buy eight Zhaigou water. Jiuzhaigou is very beautiful, but you are not at liberty to swim and that high altitude snow melt water, too cold, not suitable for swimming, only the southern mountain spring water is more thoughtful and comfortable, suitable for swimming, swimming, and eight stronghold ditch scenic area also understand the aspirations of the people of the hydrophilic, in prepare safety protection under the premise, allowing visitors ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA to spring swimming, more humane. I think, this is E-CIGARETTE CHINA one of the biggest characteristics Hot E Cig kits of the eight walled ditch, is one of the most attractive to visitors. The free we swam strike general Tam, boundless, and
choose to fairy pool swim again, here the broad surface of the water, fewer visitors, depth is also suitable for, more two
waterfalls from the mountains. So, we can choose swimming, can also under the waterfall to enjoy the water massage, really is so cozy

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