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20150815 12:55 famous Terracotta Army Millennium ancient terracotta

20150815 12:55 famous Terracotta Army Millennium ancient terracotta, Xi’an soul. p every came to Xi’an people are eager to visit the terracotta warriors and horses, feel more than 2000 years before Qin Dynasty martial pomp. Terracotta Army has become a cultural symbol of Xi’an, is the soul of the ancient capital of Xi’an, is also a Chinese culture, a business card, a synonym. In the ancient capital of Xi’an, there are things that can be seen everywhere in Terracotta Army, there are sculptures, there are all kinds of souvenirs. Xi’an people and the Chinese people, Terracotta Army is proud of. This is our China has a long and splendid culture of evidence. so, come to Xi’an, it is in any case to visit Terracotta Army. We finished the tour of Mount Li, in the afternoon came to the Terracotta Army. There is a little excitement in the heart. Terracotta Army Museum has a bit to let us slightly surprised but admire unceasingly, that is 16 years of age for young people free of charge, which in the national wellknown scenic spots are not many. So, our two young people
to enjoy this privilege, but also for our province to save a lot of money. discovery process, full of bizarre and unexpecte
d. In March 1974, the head of the local clay warriors Hot E Cig kits found farmers digging accidentally, then opened a prelude to this historic wonders of the. After many years of exploration, the current Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor is divided into two parts from the mausoleum park and from the burial area. From the burial area, a total
of three peizangkang terracotta warriors and horses to. Among them, first discovered
the No.1 pit is the largest and the length of 230 meters, width of 62 Disposable e cigarette meters, equivalent to two standard football field that, so when I went in to see, first feeling is shock, unexpected, Emperor Qin Shihuang so atmospheric, but also from another side hair reflects the ancient emperors overweening, regardless of cruel to others. a pit with infantry, infantry and chariots and the main positions. East 3 infantry figurines, each column 68 statue is forward position; followed by tanks and infantry interphase 38 columns ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA constitute main position; on both sides of the Mechanical Mod and RDA north and South and west of the 1 line is the flanker position and the defender. There are pottery figurines, crossbowmen figurines, infantry chariots and cavalry figurines figurines four. Armed with various weapons and infantry figurines column line. Crossbowmen figurines do bow posture. The soldiers holding the weapon in the car with the chariot behind. The station immediately next to a cavalry E-CIG CHINA figurines, hand horse, hand grip weapon. The entire array size, layout tight. p No. 2 pit in pit No. 1 on the north side of that plane slightly Lshaped, discovered in 1976, in No. 1 pit on the north side of about 20 meters is the essence of the terracotta, No. 2 pit uncovered ancient position of mystery. What the strengths of 96 meters, North and South at its widest at 84 meters, about 5 meters deep, the area of about 6000 square E-CIGARETTE CHINA meters,
composed of four units: Unit 1 is the eastern protruding part by to bow crossbow kneeling type and vertical caballi warriors composition; the second unit namely figurines

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