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20150818 20:53 wolf

20150818 20:53 wolf. Father’s parenting line let civilian elite speechless shame wolf. Father’s parenting line let civilian elite speechless shame Lu Zengzhun p wolf. Dad Shaw recently is very red, because a a three North miracle he was invited to Luyu about direct seeding. The wolf. The successful experience of the father therefore, brothers and sisters of Peking University, a book also continued to skyrocket, in order to fight magic weapon wolf dad. once again set off discussion on China’s domestic education mode. In July 26th, the Chinese wolf came to the 1200bookshop of the Milky way north of the river, and the readers of Guangzhou shared their own child care. Southern Metropolis Daily, July 29th wolf. the basic method of the elite parenting route is: p, to fight famous, his home perennial with cane and feather duster, children do not back out of the ancient to play, homework is not good to play and score backwards a to play, not permission to students at home to play to play, did not take the piano to play Wolf dad. absolutely not an understatement
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Orange Black White to say what, every time genuine hit and hit him hard, although only a flesh wound not to hurt the bones, but the absolute pain, because pain to remember. We are now only child, pet raising, don’t really played is a false hit a few, bear the torture of other family members, say really hit, the child can not accept, a misfortune, that is a lifetime thing. Hit is said not to export, only to keep on love and then love, like the wolf. p the second, featured the obiect route. Wolf. Dad let children read the best kindergarten, the best elementary school, middle school, the best university. He is the first choice for their children to the kindergarten kindergarten in Guangzhou, primary school is a primary school is overturned, a good school. For our civilian population, not to mention the best kindergarten, best primary school, the best of the best schools, the best university, is a school to read a good, especially in the remote rural children, as long as there is a teacher who can teach their knowledge, and then better, can be a great place to go to the best schools? p Third, evictions, wolf. Dad to let children have a good learning environment, sold four rooms, rent three houses, carrying five times. For our civilians may for a lifetime is only one property may or a lifetime mortgage slave, bank loan to retire to, in order to have a home of their own. Now that house prices are higher than a year, the house is not enough to sell the house to pay, not to mention to sell a few times, and then moved several times, and can have a good home. p Fourth, teacher guidance route, in wolf. Dad home, Xiao ice growth is a case of four children in the most difficult, in order to allow the ice to learn guzheng. Wolf. Dad gave her please the best teacher, and children

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