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20150831 21:38 so cool shibude

20150831 21:38 so cool shibude! So cool to ! p on August 28, Changde, Hunan five immediately promoted to a high of boys, because I have never seen a train, feel very curious, think in railway taking pictures is fan art and the feeling of wandering, if a speeding train and photographed pictures is cool. So similar to the railway came to see the train, and on the rail, road in the heart of put all Gouku pose and train photo, in utter disregard of speeding to train, but fortunately the train driver was found in a timely manner emergency forced stop 6 minutes, to prevent the tragedy. href= 8 p pm the same day, Changsha Railway Police Department in Hanshou County police station duty room connected Hanshou railway station signal building alarm call: 36017 freight train to stone long railway line K130026m office and found railway has five children in the slapstick play, the immediate emergency brake, caused no railway traffic accidents in children from taking pictures about 50 meters outside the train parked. After the alarm, police immediately out of the police rus
Mens Nike Air Max 90 White Light Blackhed to the scene, at 16:20 to find 5 boys in the vicinity of the scene, and taken to the police station. Police then carried out the safety and legal education to 5 teenagers, when the railway accident caused by the railway track due to the heart and the safety accident caused by the road, they know the seriousness of the consequences of their own behavior. In view of the five children are under 16 years of age, police in the serious education, on the evening of 28, notice school teachers and parents rushed to the police station, under strict custody after the replantation. after reading this news, I believe that many people have been scared out in a cold sweat! Fortunately, the 5 boys encounter is a truck, its speed is relatively slow, if the change is the passenger car, the 5 live life may have been a moment away, five families will never be in distress! p in rail on both sides of the door online, often hung some banned, banned for warning signs, display and broadcast in the waiting room of the station and on the train, will see and hear some players rolling to the railway safety knowledge, and railway police, station staff also often go to the iron road along the school, rural homes for railway safety knowledge lectures, distribute leaflets and so on can said, to prevent the occurrence of railway traffic accidents, the railway authorities do many efforts, also received the good effect. But usually there are still few people disregard for the safety of the railway, as the lives of themselves and others as a trifling matter, playing the express game of life and death, to the railway safety brought great risks. p is known to all, railway train operation density and each train have strict and fixed running time, train for some reason was late and subsequent train will also be affected, the original normal railway transportation order

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