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20150903 10:54 mites allergic asthma behind dust mites dust mites are widespread in the living places of human in the dust

20150903 10:54 mites allergic asthma behind dust mites dust mites are widespread in the living places of human in the dust, is a strong allergen. In 34 kinds of dust mite known in relation with human allergic disease most closely the main house dust mite and dust mite and buried European mite. br couples amp; amp; dust mite allergens are exogenous allergic, allergens are mainly from dust mite secretions, excretions, shedding of the hull and death of worms, especially these metabolites under the action of bacteria and fungi in decomposition into small particles, floating in the air, are easily sucked in. When inhaled allergy after the original, the body can produce more dust mite specific IgE antibodies and with corresponding antigen in mast cells and eosinophils alkaline cell surface binding to become sensitive tissue. br couples amp; amp; 1 mites allergic asthma couples common mites dermatitis clinical performance; amp; amp; is inhaled asthma,
Kids Air Jordan 3 Black Green Purple primary often in infancy, the baby eczema history, or a combination of chronic bronchiolitis history. All of a sudden, recurrent as characteristics of the symptoms, followed by the emergence of chest tightness, shortness of breath, not lying, expiratory dyspnea, severe due to lack of oxygen to the lips, means end cyanosis. Spring and autumn good hair, and this number increased in the environment of dust mite. Often have a sleep or early morning after. how to prevent mite dermatitis? br couples amp; amp; one, the principle of prevention and cure is mainly pay attention to hygiene frequently clear indoor dust, often washing is sheets, often drying bedding mattress, also with the anti mite bedspread evolon anti mite quilt cover and use. It is understood that the anti mite fitted with nonwoven cloth, the fabric density very fine, gap can reach 1 micron, and mites long approximately 150 m to 400 microns. Not only can effectively block the mites, mites, mites, and food allergens, can also play a very good anti mite effect. br couples amp; second, bedroom, warehouse to maintain ventilation, drying, less dust, also can be in the configuration of the room a mite predators mite removing instrument, its direct action through the principle of ultrasonic to mites nerve, barrier free except mites ranged from 60 to 80 square meters, 7 days in addition to mite anti mite rate was 78.2%, longterm and effective prevent

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