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20150904 08:24 NBL seventeenth round: Guangxi Weizhuang lost Henan Shedian wine photo The evening of 2

20150904 08:24 NBL seventeenth round: Guangxi Weizhuang lost Henan Shedian wine photo The evening of 2, 9, 2015 National Basketball League NBL regular season in the 17th round, Guangxi Wei Zhuang home team against Henan Shedian wine team, this is Wei Zhuang last home game of the regular season. br Henan Shedian wine team is NBL powerhouse, had in a season regular season double Guangxi Wei Zhuang, the team foreign aid Thierry Mugler, gallon visit Nanning also unusually fierce, cut 55 points and 18 rebounds, the whole team scoring 102 points, his personal scoring more than half. The eighth round of the season, the two teams had played against Guangxi, Zhengzhou’s 72:85 defeat to weizhuang. Rotation home, Guangxi Wei Zhuang team to win the final home, so that the integration of the playoffs before getting the ideal position. The regular season is only left over the last two rounds, Henan Shedian wine team will not easily wasted up opportunity, so it will is a tough Sike. br the start of the game, Guang Xi Wei Zhuang first Richards, Liu Yao, Ma Yi, Wang Jing, Wang Dingjie, fans surprise found injured five rounds of competiti
Kids Air Jordan 3 Black Gray Orange Redon of foreign aid Richards went on stage finally. First section of Guang Xi Wei Zhuang of Henan foreign aid Thierry Mugler, gallons of defense fairly successful, let the only 4 of 13 shots, at the end of the first section score for 18:19, Guang Xi Wei Zhuang, only 1 point behind, the two sides score gap little. In the second quarter, Henan Shedian wine team hit rate is on the rise, the score gap down to 10, but debut new Ke Liang Chen two three two steals a stunning performance, let the score gap to narrow again. Before the end of the second quarter, Jiang Feng Le quarter respectively the last 3 points, 46: 46 two draw. But shortlived, Guang Xi Wei Zhuang in the second section of the last attack, but the visiting team has scored the, the end of the first half, the score for the 46:48, Guang Xi Wei Zhuang, two points behind. The third section of Guang Xi Wei Zhuang team made many mistakes the old habit of, let opponents frequently attack succeeded, foreign aid Richards injury stopped five rounds of competition, poor feel, that Wei Zhuang team insider firepower is fierce, the end of the third quarter, the score for the 58:67, Guang Xi Wei Zhuang 9 points behind. In the fourth quarter, in the waves of the home team fans cheering, Richards state have rebounded, the basket continuous offensive scoring, got 23 points, but with his counterpoint Henan foreign aid Thierry Mugler, gallon performance better, to attack the basket, CIC shot, before and after the game each are in the brush data, although in the final whistle before the 30 seconds Le quarter 3 Wang Dingjie layup let the score to 81:83. But it was too late, the final Guangxi team 81:85 defeat and failed to hold the last one of the regular season at home. br the game, Henan Shedian wine team foreign aid Thierry Mugler, gallon scored the highest score 39 points, Guang Xi Wei Zhuang three teams scored in double, respectively for Richards 24 points, Ji Le 21 points, Jiao Kaiwen 13 points.

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