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2015814 stock market continued to shock

2015814 stock market continued to shock, P2P finance becomes more and more popular record since the stock market on July 27 under 8 years to the biggest single day decline after, some investors from withdrawing money from stock market; and August 11, the central bank announced improve the RMB exchange rate for the middle price ation, day of RMB against the U.S. dollar exchange rate of close to 2% depreciation of, record its biggest oneday drop in history, again on the next day of exchange rate more than a thousand points, the domestic 2015812 Internet banking supervision network the envelopes should not? This year is really a wonderful work, not only the Chinese Goddess of the Korean people are married, and even the company made a network of red envelopes also have to pay tax And the following is more to the Internet banking supervision, the various rules and regulations promulgated by the rules. Recently, especially for the red package to pay taxes, net friend call does China tax 2015812 regulatory advice in interlocking under, how to choose P2P platform? Want to make their own wealth, the value of the way a lot of value, reasonable investment and fin
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Premium White Navy Blueancing can also be achieved. Throughout the current investment and financial management, a variety of traditional bank savings, funds, bonds, stocks, etc., in fact, these methods are either too low or too risky. The moment the most of the new 2015811 version of the paper money caused by thinking: no cash will be how? The central bank issued a notice that will be issued in November 12th this year, the 2015 version of the hundred notes, the new banknotes in maintaining specifications, main patterns, the main tone and the 2005 version of the fifth set of 100 yuan notes, on the face pattern, security features and layout of the P2P industry to further standardize August 6th, the Supreme People’s Court issued the Supreme People’s Court on the application of legal issues of private lending hereinafter referred to as the regulations, not only on the private lending rate ceiling, the parties agreed to the current development of P2P real estate mortgage: it really safe? At present, the P2P net loan industry can be divided into credit loans and mortgage loans. Credit loans, refers to the borrower without collateral or third party guarantee, only with their own credibility can get loans, and borrowers credit degree as a repayment guarantee; and mortgage loans, as the name implies, refers to the loan 201587 mutual gold in the ascendant Zhi Fuxin rule or hinder? Needless to say, with the Central Bank jointly launched by the Central Bank of the ten ministries on promoting the healthy development of Internet banking guidance, the official landing, the Internet banking industry in the direction of the standardization of the development of the big direction has been determined, too laissez faire and even barbaric growth environment will not exist. Is it good or bad? For this P2P 201586 in the financial management of the psychological game you have a good grasp of it? Facing the booming of P2P network lending industry, although regulatory boots has landed, but there is still a investors refer to: a good grasp of the P2P finance, Zha so file

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