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21:49 20131101 celebrity face to face I like reading books

21:49 20131101 celebrity face to face I like reading books. When I was a few years old, I took a look at the newspaper to make grand gestures. The family is very happy, feel that I love learning. But a closer look, I put the paper down, but I was still can eat with appetite. Despite the adults how persuasion and put into action and help me put the newspaper upright, but I still refused to accept tough the newspapers still read backwards. Pour it down, I can not do the adults. Somehow I didn’t stand in front of the brazier and the burning rotten a small hole in my new clothes, somehow I am not followe
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Fusion 87 Wine Red Whited in the alley of the children are not afraid of the cold keep nose to snowball. I quietly looked at the inverted newspaper, is also well behaved. in 2006, on the Internet, on the poetry of Zhao Lihua has discussed with vigour and vitality. I was from that time to know that there was a woman called Zhao Lihua, she was a poet. I tried to find a few of her poems, read. These poems, concise, read the sentence, you can not expect the next sentence. Until the whole poem is read, and then look at the poem title, I couldn’t help but laugh, this is a feeling of surprise. I really enjoyed it. I think the poet is divided into many kinds, such as Li Bai, Su Shi and Xin Qiji, or for example, Haizi, Gu Cheng, but there are a poet, Lihua.

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