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23:11 20150826 original if you want to go to jail more than the floor of the floor

23:11 20150826 original if you want to go to jail more than the floor of the floor, and then squat if you want to go to jail more than the floor of the floor, and then squat Lu Zengzhun p this morning 7 o’clock, Nanjing Xuanwu Lake, Lake Road, Master Wang sanitation workers as usual cleaning the road, but was bitten by the dog leg, followed by a man beaten, the surrounding residents rushed hurriedly help master Wang reported to the police. Reporters on the scene to see, there is a significant bite marks on the lower leg of the king, facial swelling, mouth is also broken. Several people witnessed the scene said, when the Master Wang to find the owner of the dog theory, the results were beaten by the other side. Hit the people you are also called to the floor, you have to sweep the floor with your son. China Youth Network, August 23rd p keep dogs as pets or watchdogs of the
blame, keep a dog but no matter, especially hurt the people do not admit, which should not be. Dogs don’t admit mistakes, do not apologize, but also
to beat, in addition to the prison, it seem
s no other. p if people with sweeping the floor, son of others will only fit to sweep the floor, do you think through words and deeds of somebody else’s son is only sweep the floor, so want to jail you and Mechanical Mod and RDA through the words and deeds of your son, is not only a prison? Although say very civilization, it is immoral, but like you, there is something E-CIG CHINA wrong does not change, but also begins
to hit, today may not to jail time, but in the long run, the total prison one day, so the words and deeds of your son, estimated or not to where, will be a ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA prison of the material. p they can see that you have the cost lower working people despise, you have contempt for the lower working people’s state of mind, you can self that stand high above the masses, since that great, but only you that, people don’t think so, in this kind of culture, harmonious society, do not need social you this kind of person, the society needs more is a city beautician said the sanitation workers, society does not need the people, are more likely to be eliminated by the society, so you and not high above the capital, also did not despise the capital of lower working people, only the people despise your reality. in the face of reality, dog owners, according to the people’s Republic of China national law general rule, the 127th regulations, raising animals cause damage to others, animal husbandry or management should bear civil liability; because of the victim’s fault caused damage, animal husbandry or management does not bear civil
liability; because of the third people’s Hot E Cig kits fault, third people should bear civil liability. You need to take responsibility. take the initiative to apologize for the loss of compensation, the dog owner! To child points to Disposable e cigarette Germany, so that your son is superior of capital, your son is in the E-CIGARETTE CHINA face of the normal state of mind of the working people. If it is considered to be better than the sweep of the floor, it can only be a prison. Tags

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