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360 culture

360 culture, it can be said that Zhou Hong, this person’s character of the real show, is also the embodiment of Zhou hung business strategy. From the launch of the 3721 to 360 security guards, Zhou hung is the brain cultural aspect of the industry. Just because of this, some people call 360 of corporate culture as the Internet brain culture. Enter the mobile Internet era, 360 culture is probably no play. a few years ago, the domestic personal antivirus software is all charge mode. At that time, the body is 360 CEO Zhou Hongyi released antivirus software free of charge, on the grounds that the antivirus is an Internet based service. Not unexpectedly, under the 360 free antivirus massages, rising, Jinshan and foreign Kaspersky and other personal antivirus software free of charge. After a free antivirus software storm, the 360 seemingly rogue culture behind, in fact, is a brain storm. In an accurate way, 360 are accustomed to a strong competitive means, with the idea of the distortion of the Internet to rewrite the pattern of the internet. in 360 to Internet users and some Internet companies after brain, 80% of the Internet market share of 360 of the territory. Overnight, mobile Internet fire, Zhou Hongyi? Old tricks again, want to comman
Mens Charles Barkley Posite Max Shine Shoes Yellow Blackd of the mobile Internet in this arena. In 2012 the mobile Internet Conference, Zhou? Tencent and shelled millet, trying to brainwash. In my view, 360 of the brain culture in the field of the Internet will not last long, more difficult to succeed in the field of mobile internet. in 2012 of the mobile Internet Conference, Zhou Hong, said the Internet companies to do anything to comply with industry trends, said millet do phone is also conform to the trend, but its success is a miracle, because millet in the mobile phone industry and no accumulation. In fact, the success of millet, is the accumulation of experience, is the domestic mobile phone hardware market situation and the accumulation of mobile phone sales marketing skills. Zhou Hongyi? Shelling millet, nothing but is want to convey two ideas: one is 360 mobile phone is conform to industry trends, the success of millet is accidental. p is obvious, Zhou Hongyi?’s intention is very obvious, millet mobile success is accidental, also don’t forget to cheer for the upcoming 360 special machines and brainwashing traditional cell phone manufacturers. had to admit that the arrival of the era of mobile Internet, the traditional mobile phone manufacturers is a huge test. All along, the traditional mobile phone manufacturers are in the hard power, which is clearly not suited to the current needs. Apple’s success to the traditional mobile phone manufacturers a revelation: in order to build the core competitiveness of the mobile phone, you must work with the Internet companies, through APP cooperation mode to make up for mobile phone manufacturers in the mobile phone application level of weak. And Zhou Hong’s point of view is that there will be a way out with the 360 cooperation, otherwise only waiting for the end of the revolution. p in the conversation, Zhou Hongyi? Also deliberately exaggerated the value of 360, and matter of factly said 360 has hundreds of millions of users can open to mobile phone manufacturers, zero cost for manufacturers to do marketing

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