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590542_3550_267 3550 267, surgical treatment of chronic paranasal sinusitis mainly has the following several aspects in what is the role of surgery in the treatment of chronic sinusitis effect: 1, if there is a more obvious deviation of nasal septum, influence of the nasal cavity drainage sinus drainage drainage, namely discharge automatic flow line out with, drainage is poor intranasal have blocked a sense of more severe, the more easily lead to rhinitis or sinusitis. If the deviation of nasal septum in sinusitis accompanied by obvious, it will first need to improve the drainage of nasal septum. This
Air Jodan 3 AAA Men Wholesale is one of the methods of surgical treatment of sinusitis. No deviation of nasal septum, it is not necessary to carry out nasal septum surgery. 2, clear blocked sinus openings and nasal drainage lesions such as nasal polyps and polypoid middle variable, uncinate process hypertrophy, to improve drainage of nasal cavity and sinus, nasal and paranasal sinus drainage becomes smooth, which is conducive to discount kids air jordan shoes the elimination of sinus of chronic inflammation. 3, clear the nasal sinus of chronic inflammation tissue, so as to alleviate the effect of chronic inflammation of the nasal sinuses. 4, expand the sinus openings, to ensure that the sinus drainage unobstructed. Because there is a chronic inflammat
Mens Air Jordan 1 AAA White Dull Blackion of the nasal cavity and paranasal, chronic inflammation, sinus
Air Jordan 1 AAA Men Wholesale openings at the mucosal inevitable swelling, even i love jordan nubuck men hypertrophy, the sinus itself naturally occurring opening pathway is blocked, is not conducive to the drainage of the sinuses. Therefore, sinusitis, it is difficult to cure. Surgery, the natural openings to clean up, while the natural opening to expand the treatment, after the surgery, as long as the sinus secretions, it is relatively easy to drain out, sinusitis is also easy to treat good. Therefore, according to the above mentioned, the surgical treatment of sinusitis in fact, there are only two goals, one is to improve the sinus drainage, one is to remove the lesions in the nasal sinus tissue. Two goals are equally important. Two. After i like air jordan shoes men surgery, the main recovery process is as follows: 1. The healing process of the wound surface is about 2 to i love cheap jordans wholesale 1 months. The healing process of the wound was related to the following factors: A, the size of the wound area: the larger the wound, the longer the healing time was. B, nasal cavity and sinusitis retention time: the more slowly the elimination of inflammation, the longer it takes to heal. C, the strength of their immune system: the stronger the body’s own immune system body quality, the healing process time faster. 2, the surgical site mainly the sinus, also including the nasal cavity the elimination of chronic inflammation. About three discount lebron james website months. The elimination of chronic inflammation after surgery is closely related to the following factors. A, whether in the operation with the doctor’s request, regular nasal Bi Dou rinse? Is it in accordance with the requirements of the eye doctor, still in the use of oral drugs, drops spray nose or nasal spray? B, after the operation of the rehabilitation process, whether the infection occurred on the road? C,
Air Jordan 3.5 AAA Men Wholesale the body’s own immune system the body’s physical quality, the healing process time faster. D, after the operation of the rehabilitation process, whether to pay attention to the diet avoid appropriate? Therefore, the recovery process after surgery, generally requires two or three months time. Especially in the first one or two months to adhere to medication, regular flushing of the nasal cavity and sinuses i like lebron james 2014 is very important.

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