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6 on the morning of 20

6 on the morning of 20, when I awake from my dream, I was stunned by the sight of the scene. We take this train like into a vast expanse
of water, everywhere is a vast expanse of water. Topography lowlying roads were flooding horizontal waist dammed, bus, car and freight vehicles and other quietly stopped in the middle of the road to move not, and the driver most squat in the roadside smoke, hope water sigh! p I turn on my mobile phone, mobile phone short message flashed a newsflash: nine provinces in south of more than 10 million people affected ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA deadline today 8. Since June 13 of the 14 strong rainfall process caused by Southern Guangxi, Fujian, Jiangxi and
other nine provinces
suffered severe flooding, lightning disaster population of 10.03 million people. The 132 people died, 86 people missing, the transfer of population 862000 people, 68000 houses collapsed, the direct economic losses of about 14500000000 yuan. By the end of 20 at 9 am, Jiangxi has 180000 people were flooded, and there are a lot of mountain villages and towns can not contact day ah, in front of all confirmed that the mobile phone newspaper said non virtual! TV screen, everywhere is Disposable e cigarette the flood disaster and the crowd is under
siege. Yujiang Province, Jiangxi Province, the train through the two days suffered a rare heavy rain, heavy rainfall led to the county’s roads are flooded, with the outside world lost contact. 26 rivers in Jiangxi Province over the police, Fu River, river and other rivers have occurred over the history of the large flood. After the flood subsided, been appearing in the urban Hot E Cig kits road is turned into pieces of debris spread all across in confusion, too horrible to look at! p first witnessed the horrors, my heart shocked, also do not know the Treasury in the torrential rain lost how much gold and silver ah?! Just want E-CIG CHINA to get up to wash my face and brush my teeth, old Xu and Liu in the exchange of a topic, said we ride this train seems to be diverted. Oh, my God, when will we get to Shanghai, and the tour will not be affected? I can not help but ask up the whole accompany Wei guide. She said that no way natural disasters, ah, the train can only cancel part of the trip. This is my most disgusting thing, I think she should know how to comfort the guests, Mechanical Mod and RDA how can a little bit of empathy, reduce the travel to their travel agents to save a sum of money, and the tourists feel, cut! p she then wadding said, we’re pretty lucky, because, according to her understanding of the news, now Liuzhou Railway Station bound for the direction of Shanghai part of the train because due to the influence of the geological disaster has been the outage, the railway station has asked to buy passenger ticket for meal and the refund formalities the, after we depart the tour are being E-CIGARETTE CHINA postponed Behind her words I have not heard, but felt that she was a good guide must also have a certain distance. The train line changed, meaning that the original itinerary also lost the value of the reference, a long time no flight attendant after, I asked the flight attendant to the flight attendants to verify, we are now to where? When will it arrive in Shanghai? Washroom filled with people, the toilet door is closed, I don’t like the feeling of! I’m free to wash.

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