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A few days ago

A few days ago, the major domestic three major social network platform happy network, Sina Weibo and everyone network have been revised, which is the first largescale revision of the domestic SNS industry. Experienced a spurt of development, the profit model of a single and low user viscosity become the biggest bottleneck in the development of the domestic SNS site. Three major social network platform to change the intent is very clear, trying to help the revised. br contrast before and after the revision of the page is not difficult to find, whether it is happy net, or on Sina Weibo, the revision of the surprisingly consistent, namely, to strengthen the customer relationship chain. br new happy personal net page enhance incentive of UGC users, transfer photos and remember the mood instead of the original activities and the topic module, and are highlighted; strengthen the to encourage the interaction between users, such as highlighting the friends too, send gifts, Friends Photo position. It is obvious that the new version of the happy net pay attention to the cultivation of user relations, greater efforts to promote the interaction between users and share. br look again after th
Mens Hardaway III Shoes Green Blacke revision of the Sina Weibo, directional release is the highlight of that new users can the microblogging sent only to the specific group of friends, only content oriented group members can see and can’t comment forwarding. And happy network is different, Sina Weibo through the precise selection of content and push to strengthen the user relationship. No matter what br initially, happy net with steal food and grab spaces such casual games, gather a large number of users, and to the game improve user viscosity and activity. It is true that in the steal food and other casual games after the heat, the user viscosity and activity of the happy network weakened, but this does not mean that the former strategy fails, because the use of casual game user relationship chain has been constituted. br objectively, both version of happy net page, or version of sina Weibo page, can improve user viscosity. Just, for different user groups, the major SNS site revision strategy is different. As we all know, the user group of happy net is whitecollar, the new version of the page to share photos, you can stimulate user interaction. According to the happy net relevant person said, this revision is a gradual process, in the personal home page revision, other sub page transformation will be completed in the next month. Revision will consider the user’s feedback, timely adjustment and improvement. We want to make the user to create a better UGC content, to see more quality and quality of the dynamic, but also to generate more interaction with friends. br beyond doubt, happy net with the revision can improve user viscosity and activity, to further strengthen the customer relationship chain, and for the SNS website, build customer value chain is

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