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Original title: hail disaster, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, has resulted in 98 people and injuring 846, 15 people after June 23, Yancheng Funing, Sheyang, Jiangsu appear strong lightning, short-time strong rainfall, hail, thunderstorms and other severe convective weather, the local experience tornadoes. Jiangsu Funing aviation map. Yu Wen, Xinhua news agency, Nanjing, June 24th, 23, Yancheng, Jiangsu, some areas of extreme weather disasters. Reporters learned from the press
Nike Air Max 2013 Women Shoes conference held 24 days, as of 8 am, the disaster has caused 98 deaths, the hospital treated the wounded 846 people, the next step will be to organize the rescue of the wounded, to minimize casualties. 23 PM, Funing county and Sheyang County, some of the township appeared strong lightning, short-time heavy rainfall, hail and other severe convective weather and tornadoes and severe weather. Funing County collapsed houses buy Nike Air Max 2013 Women Shoes 28104 8004, 2 primary schools damaged, damaged 8 buildings, shed area was destroyed, Sheyang County houses damaged, collapsed 615. After the disaster, general secretary Xi Jinping made important instructions, the State Council sent a working group to guide disaster relief, on behalf of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, expressed condolences to the affected people. Need to fully organize the rescue of the wounded, to minimize
Womens Nike Air Max 2013 150730053 casualties, and to do a good job in the aftermath of the victims and the masses resettlement work. Requires the relevant local and departments to strengthen meteorological monitoring and forecasting and geological disaster assessment and other work. Do a good job in the prevention and control of natural disasters, and effectively protect the people’s property and property. Prime Minister Li Keqiang made a written instructions, to do a buy Nike Air Max BW Women Shoes good job search and rescue work, verify the situation, as soon as possible to help the affected people to resume normal production and life. Ministry of civil affairs led the establishment of the working group of the State Council, immediately rushed to the scene to guide disaster relief. Various natural disasters should be concerned about the main flood season, the guidance and supervision of local and do a good job of extreme weather disaster emergency preparedness, to minimize the loss of tolls. Made in Jiangsu provincial Party committee, governor Luo Zhijun Shi Taifeng rescue and relief work for the first time indication late rushed to the Funing field guide disaster relief work, visit condolences to the injured and the affected village site and inspect the disaster, overnight and held a special meeting of the rescue. Jiangsu
Nike Air Max BW Women Shoes Province, Yancheng City city health, public security, electricity and other departments to actively participate in disaster relief. Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, municipal experts for the first time to mobilize experts to carry out rescue and treatment to the scene to carry out the work. In addition, other provinces and municipalities also rushed to the scene of the rescue workers. 24, ten o’clock in the morning, the buy Nike Air Max Lunar Women Shoes reporter in the long deep high speed Hongze service area suffered from Hefei, Anhui armed police officers and soldiers, armed police traffic the 8th detachment six squadron instructor Lu told reporters that the rescue team of more than 150 people carrying 20 more than equipment is rushed to the disaster area. The reporter understands, Yancheng has started natural disaster emergency rescue grade I level emergency mechanism and emergency
Nike Air Max Lunar Women Shoes rescue plan, the injured have been hospitalized, regardless of the all costs for processing, ready as soon as possible to restore the affected Township Village Renovation Planning of the normal production and living order. The next step will be in the State Council Working Group, the provincial government to do a good job of rescue efforts under the leadership, to do our best to properly set the affected people, to minimize the loss. Editor: Joe Lei Huabao

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