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Original title: "tornado" lasted for more than 20 minutes, 78 people are comprehensive Xinhua News Agency reported, Yangzi Evening News yesterday afternoon when 30 about 2 minutes, Funing, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province Sheyang County parts appear strong lightning, short-time strong rainfall, hail, tornadoes and other severe convective weather. Reporter from under the influence of Funing County hook echo, Funing County Xingou town appeared in the 12th grade (34.6
Nike Air Max 2010 Women Shoes meters / seconds) in the wind, Sheyang County River town, there are 10 level (27.9 M / s) of wind, resulting in collapsed houses, casualties, blocked roads, facilities, agricultural disasters. Yesterday when 20, the National Disaster Reduction Committee, for the affected people’s production and life, Jiangsu Funing Ministry of civil affairs, Sheyang strong convective weather caused serious influence, the national disaster emergency emergency start III response, the Secretary buy Nike Air Max 2010 Women Shoes General of the National Disaster Reduction Committee, Ministry of Civil Affairs vice minister Dou Yupei, led by the Ministry of civil affairs, the Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of finance, housing and urban rural development, health and Family Planning Commission and other five ministries and commissions of the State Council Working Group rushed to the disaster night guidance and help the local government to carry out
Womens Nike Air Max 2010 A10W02 relief work. Jiangsu Provincial Civil Affairs Department, according to reports, yesterday afternoon about 3 o’clock, Jiangsu Yancheng Funing, Sheyang appear strong lightning, short-time strong rainfall, hail, thunderstorms and other severe convective weather, local tornado, according to preliminary statistics, the death toll caused by strong convective weather 78 injured number of nearly 500 people, injured nearly 200 people in the affected areas of the houses collapsed and damaged, a buy Nike Air Max 2011 Women Shoes large number of, destruction of power communication facilities, power outages part. At present, Jiangsu province has launched a natural disaster relief emergency response, the provincial Civil Affairs Department of the working group has been rushed to the scene to carry out disaster relief work. At present, the rescue and relief work is being carried out in an orderly manner. Rolling down the stairs at four yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to see the Funing County towns affected, being scraped off the field communication hob, a row row waist thick trees were broken off by by the waist, some villages is razed to the ground collapsed houses in ruins. Many injured villagers were transported to the hospital. According to Funing County Dong Gou Zhen Shuo set community villagers Xie Litian recalls, yesterday afternoon, more than two points,
Nike Air Max 2011 Women Shoes he heard the summons to greatness ", the fear of a heavy rain, ran on the second floor, ready to close the window, in the upstairs, there is no enough time to close the window, just listen to" bang "sound, common window wall to capsize. See the situation is not good, immediately to Xie Litian on the floor, but when he completed the floor, two floor collapse of buy Nike Air Max 2012 Women Shoes the moment, he rolled down the stairs." Two roof collapsed, I hide in the corner of the building can not move, has been nearly 20 minutes, the wind is small out. When they came out, they saw a nearby house and said, "Xie Litian couldn’t help crying. According to his memories and short more than 20 minutes, is simply the "end of the world", he helplessly see poles
Nike Air Max 2012 Women Shoes were blown down, their agricultural vehicle was blown over three or Thursday, a somersault! At this time, a faint cry for help, he woke up with a start, the neighbor’s hostess buried under the cement beam. Xie Tian and other villagers injured neighbors pulled out from the rubble, and then ride a motorcycle to 10 kilometers outside the East hospital. But travel to half the distance was found in the front of the province.

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