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A shares short squeeze the market again

A shares short squeeze the market again. p on April ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA 3, Shanghai composite index opened lower in early trading after a uplink, 38.5 points after a breakthrough in appear down significantly; however, V through the end of the adjustment of the A shares in the afternoon once again usher in the start, an attack on the road eventually closed at 3863.93, closing the day up 1%, again a history for the next seven years since the new high; Shenzhen Component Index also rose 68.54 points, an increase of 0.51%. stock index closed at the end of the bull market is not the end of the day. Day 15 7 minutes, four varieties of CSI 300 stock index futures contract prices appear pulled the collective, and all exceeded 42 points, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index in the day to close at 4170.54. p have analysts speculated that the index to rise with the futures trading pulled, or with the central bank meeting on the same day release of monetary easing signal and the securitization of credit assets registration system reform of landing are not unrelated.
futures trading to break through the 4200 point p 3 April day, 15 minutes in the A shares rose 1% to finish after Hot E Cig kits the close, stock index futures took the baton market bullish. p that day 15 when seven points, four term CSI 300 stock index futures contract continuation of intraday rally, appeared collective pulled up E-CIG CHINA and across the board exceeded 4200 points.
which, in April the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index contract prices rose as high as 2.60% in a day, to close at 4206 points; and IF1505, IF1506 and IF1509 three varieties of contract prices also rose to 4223.8, 4224 and 4231 points, or 2.57%, respectively, 2.62% and 2.52%. this also means
that the four varieties of futures prices have been compared with the CSI 300 index premium 0.8%, 1.28%, 1.28% and 1.45%. did not appear obvious good in the market, the index rose somewhat deviate from the trend before closing. p from the perspective of the trend of this round of the bull market experience, a shares Mechanical Mod and RDA rose or fell, the index tend to late according to the date of a shares a E-CIGARETTE CHINA reverse trend adjustment. Beijing, a large brokerage strategy analyst thinks, because refers to the last 15 minutes of the A shares closed, it is long or short while the A shares closed after
the back window. in fact, because of the existence of the time difference of the stock index futures in closing, and before the close of divergence is not uncommon. p for example on March 31, IF1504 changed late in the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Disposable e cigarette index rising trend, the re emergence of the downward; and on March 27, IF1504 is in the last 5 minutes bypassing the CSI 300 index callback sideways, and sharply
upward. p the aforementioned analysts view, futures trading on the day the market upward trend again strengthened, perhaps indicating that the good policy appears possible.

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