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Admission scores dispute caused by exam exam

Small? Admission scores dispute caused by exam exam, reflects what? And the
685 is exactly the Tsinghua University announced in Jiangxi province science admission score line. But Wang Xi is facing failed danger, because the Jiangxi Provincial Examination Yuan announced Tsinghua admission scores 686 points. The two sides are still in the fractional line on each sticks to his argument, Each sticks to his own stand. surging news August 11 the same university enrollment in the same province, unexpectedly appear uncompromising two scores, so strange to the college entrance examination scene undoubtedly very wonderful, why is there such a ridiculous scores, the merits of Disposable e cigarette the medium what what is right? From the parties excuse, both sides seem to have their own right. Display of the time, before the Jiangxi Provincial Examination Yuan announced fractional line, Tsinghua University shall send to mail the requirements for admission scores to determine 685; and Tsinghua University stressed that repeatedly to the Jiangxi Provincial Examination Yuan call and letter, Wang Xi students files released on the communication and consultation if it. But at the same time, Jiangxi Provincial Examination Yuan stressed that Tsinghua University the time of a letter too late. Therefore
, even hate not to go to the Ministry of education reported a Qinghua like. ? But no matter the fraction line dispute the merits of what E-CIGARETTE CHINA is, a fact that does not dispute Hot E Cig kits are: sandwiched in the middle of the fraction line candidates Wangxi actually has become one
of the biggest victims. He may not only missed and Tsinghua University, and may further failed in the face of danger. That is to say, between the hospital Mechanical Mod and RDA and the University, examination of the fairy fight, and ultimately suffer is innocent of candidates. This is just like Wang Xi’s teacher lamented, both sides are too willful, so that the interests of candidates can not be guaranteed.? In fact, if we can throw in some details. Further stations in the perspective of the current college entrance examination system examine the scores, will find, this fractional line dispute reason, and not simply by which the error induced ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA in greatly in fact current
unreasonable college entrance examination system inevitably will be derived as a result. For example, from the college entrance examination
admission criteria, the current college entrance examination system has long pursued, in fact, is still a simple mechanical fractional first, the fractional line to decide everything is not reasonable admission criteria. In the admission standards, because of one point and with your favorite university, missed, and frequent phenomenon exam score, apparently had not uncommon. On the other hand, from the whole college entrance examination admission operation mechanism, the system is implemented, in fact, is not entirely reasonable and consistent with the law of education, mainly by the government education administrative departments, E-CIG CHINA highly oriented, with priority to protect the interests of the administrative departments and colleges and universities, and non candidates for the center of the mechanism. For example:

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