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amp; amp; amp; strong so complete is the hand on a piece of card amp; br br amp; New York Times reported on August 3

amp; amp; amp; E-CIG CHINA strong so complete is the hand on a piece of card amp; br br amp; New York Times reported on August 3, the brother of Ling Jihua that may seek political asylum to the United States to complete, and during the bid, make complete legally remain in the United States. U.S. Justice Department spokesman Raimondi Raimondi Marc on the New York, said the Ministry of justice has repeatedly demonstrated that those who want to be in China, the Ministry of justice urged China to provide evidence, because the only offer a list is not enough, the need for the completion of the extradition warrant. amp; amp; amp; if so complete seeking political asylum, will likely become Build after the coup, the most destructive On the
other hand, to complete the America will aggravate the escape, was quite tense Sino US relations. amp; amp; amp; so complete fled to the United States has Disposable e cigarette been for half a year, the United States this has not announced, no mention of why the United States at this time Mechanical Mod and RDA announced so complete some whereabouts? The U. S. government is parti
ally released so complete a number of tracks, through the news media reports, in fact, this is in turn to put some pressure on the Chinese government, because Americans now face a ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA situation is a largescale network attack, hackers steal the 2150 Wanlian federal employees of
personal data, which makes the United States feel very angry, so partially published so complete is a means of retaliation, but also want to in Xi September visit before creating some pressure. amp; amp; amp; according to the international intelligence community usually operating procedures: although so complete is a businessman, but his brother worked as director of the office of, the office is actually Intelligence Center, his brother entrust he had taken out of the machine password file is said to have 2700, including China’s core machine dense, said it was’ intelligence ‘nuclear bomb. Norm in the intelligence community, so that reach the United States, the United States government is from his hand made complete core machine close, just the United States government secrecy, and made no mention of, tight lipped. And the completion of the completion of his brother’s protection will not admit that he leaked to the United States to the
United States, and the United E-CIGARETTE CHINA States, and to
complete the Hot E Cig kits protection of the United States has certainly been protected. now it is a card for the United States of America, and there are reports that the information on his hand will give the United States a remarkable achievement in the field of intelligence. This shows that the completion of the hands of the real material, which is now the Chinese government is a big blow or challenge. ; ; 04082015;; hre;

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