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amp in the early evaluation of warship| Zhou long sounded the death knell of speculation br Wednesday’s close

[amp;] in the early evaluation of warship; Zhou long sounded the death knell of speculation br Wednesday’s close, the Shanghai composite index was reported at 3160.17, fell 0.20%, turnover 4233 billion yuan, deep into index reported 10054.8 points, fell 1.06%, the volume of 325.5 billion yuan, 1855.03 entrepreneurship blackboard, fell 1.82%. The two cities 31, 347 limit! br the disk: early Wednesday in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets sharply tiaokongdikai prev opened fell 4.3%, take a step back ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA after the shock rise, financial continue to stable performance, shares subject to a strong performance, new Internet, Disney, smart wearable have Mechanical Mod and RDA expansion trading board, thorn stimulation index across the board rise, gem locked in, a low 1779 after a storm comes a calm, rose nearly 2%, amplitude of more than 8 per cent. Battleship lunch review suggests that a boundless Fanchou need to beware of air blow of defection, non rational market rises and falls has been shrouded in the two cities, and turn red in the afternoon inverted Vshaped sell is also not uncommon, more less cautious concern. Afternoon, the stock short upside prev approximation 3200 points in the military, the central change pressure under diving straight, to small record in the su
bject shares is a significant Shadie, more than 300 limit, a plate again played back to prototype, two city red less than 500,
devastated. br Technology: stock index K long entity false candle volume than the day before micro amplitude amplification, K across the 5 day moving average, 3100 points still trample underfoot Monday as long as the index closed up and 5 can be MACD 10 day moving average, in the short term trend balance or slightly
inclined to long. The mediumterm trend is still not changed, the stock market game makes seesaw effect is obvious, elephant stocks strong pull stock Pu E-CIG CHINA fell, a serious blow to investor confidence and vulnerable. The stock has been all to play the short order, in the weak effective market pattern, investors are difficult to get through the technical analysis of past prices, only deep excavation value can effectively circumvent the E-CIGARETTE CHINA risk of shortterm system, the banking sector with an annual dividend rate of over 4%, higher than the 10 year bond yields, so the recent performance is quite sharp, on the one hand as a maintenance tool, the Shanghai Composite 50, Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 stable power, and on the other hand also began to guide the valuation of repair market. News over the weekend warm first gold again four strokes to limit speculation and futures
short has a desperate fight, governor of the central bank and behind a shares, of big parade after the A shares has a positive role in boosting, while those by speculative to send national calamity money investors will be market encirclement and suppression. Technical indicators, MACD green column shortened, KDJ MACD divergence, shortterm strategy dominant, Hot E Cig kits but warships factor is still low volatility, suggest that investors continue to control positions, days difference, proposed on Monday to 3100 Disposable e cigarette point support and concern, 3235 points pressure, good high throw bargain hunting. br the road is tortuous, but the future is bright, after the baptism of the , fundamental market nearly halved, although no one can not conclude the bottom is 2850 points, but low bias is not too far, if
you think the stock market within 3 years is probably to

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