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; amp;nbspGeneral and special on ; general design

; amp;nbspGeneral and special on ; general design, refers to the different age, different ability of people to facilitate the use of the design of the house. Also known as universal design, no improvement or special design will be able to use for all. special design, refers to the
specific age, the ability of people to facilitate the use of family design. The special design includes not only the normal personalized design of occupants, including the occupants of the disability compensation design. this book to choose the basic design for general design, the main function of living and ordinary apartment is no different, but for special needs and can not live for the local special design, and proposed the transformation method. such as The Resort Apartments, with the residence time of the stage, the residence of the uncertainty, and therefore the bedroom space is variable or more features to meet the needs of the family and relatives and friends to borrow. such as health, old apartments, with the longterm residence time, the residence of the people, so that the require
ments of public facilities than the The Resort Apartments to make up for the lack of daily interpersonal communication. The differences between general design and specific design are often shown in the nuances of for different people. ; general design and configuration ; The Resort Apartments more general design, individual local will because of the impact of E-CIG CHINA landscape,
climate and other factors, adjust the angle of view of the lighting window, increase the area of the balcony and balcony. p such as direct E-CIGARETTE CHINA viewing sea south Huxing, will usually increase the window size, of balcony adding quantity, even on the balcony into the special design, like placed openair bath, kitchen facilities and so on to obtain leisurely leisure feelings. p such as located on the steep cliff mountain villa, in addition to the configuration of indoor private elevator, outdoor design public
rolling elevator and vertical elevator, to facilitate live in the up and down the hill. health, the increase of the special Hot E Cig kits design of the elderly, can meet the special needs of people with Disposable e cigarette specific age, specific capacity. p, such as the elderly, patients psychological safety feeling low, worry or sudden illness fell to timely care and treatment, thus, the main room should be the migration or open type design, convenient for them and the family member or the nursing staff to communicate with each other. Like bedroom, study increase door, forming migration circulation; living room, dining room, open space, convenient mobility; kitchen, bathroom dug out the window, Mechanical Mod and RDA and strengthen the
line of sight and sound communication access. p, such as people with ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA disabilities action inconvenience, in addition to ensure regional public accessibility, residential traffic corridor conversion point and the main room to retain the wheelchair turning space, also the width of the door and the ground elevation, suitable for wheelchair access. if the blind person has

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