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at the end of 2012 2

at the end of 2012 2, the famous Spanish city of spring has begun in Barcelona, ushered in once a year, a Mobile World Congress 4 days 2012Mobile World Congress. The meeting hall, everywhere is all attracted the eye of the future mobile products. In the field of more than 6 professionals gathered in the meeting, almost everyone will revolve around a topic redefinition. The with the eyecatching assembly, not only will you my mobile phone, also will redefine increasingly important another mobile products plate. The emergence of iPad activated flat value, but the term micro innovation from the other side, slow speed plate industry future development. The new race point of the ecological chain in the face of change constantly, mobile market full of opportunities, the past 2011 tablet computer become each big manufacturer competition arena in the future. First, many manufacturers continue to join, and then is HP WebOS tablet computer, then all kinds of delisting domestic flat marketable and iPad to sell stock, have¬†shown the industry staggered cruelty. Almost all participate in the tablet manufacturers are aware of such a truth: today’s flat is no longer just a separate digital products, but a complete ecological chain. To make their products have an advantage, and ultimately resist from the apple price barriers, the platform ecosystem double offensive, you must create a competitive ecological¬†chain. after all, the upstream and downstream ecological chain plate manufacturers is production. To expand upstream and downstream extension of the tentacles, but very difficult. Now on the market situation of plate, the industrial chain down almost all the mainstream flatpanel makers, Android systems are attached for their flat products developed their own store the corresponding application. But to the industrial chain to the touch chip R amp; D itself manufacturers, but less and less. today, in such a change in the global science and technology exhibition, a flat products more than hundreds of various brands gathered here, including many international wellknown brands. But the new flat a domestic brand is particularly eyecatching, it is the HUAWEI MediaPad 10. The significant products completed the first in the exhibition, also attracted many of the media eye from the hardware and system configuration model based on ARM4.0, which boasts the world’s fastest tablet application processor speed, not only has the 8.8mm ultrathin fuselage, simultaneously also provided with 1920times; IPS HD display high resolution 1200, can easily challenge ultra high definition video, large 3D game, all of which are derived in its carrying HUAWEI independent research and development of Hisilicon K3V2 quad core processor. from the industry point of view, it can be said that the emergence of the first processing capability of tablet PCs, upgrade to a qualitative leap. With

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