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August 19th

August 19th, the National Men’s Basketball League NBL continue to fight, Disposable e cigarette Guangxi Wei Zhuang home 94:80 victory over the league, vice president of the Nanjing military region, to regain the momentum of home. Weizhuang beat rivals p on Friday, the men’s basketball team in Guangxi at home by Shaanxi Weinan Xinda beat, the opponent has worked in
the Memphis Grizzlies of the
NBA, Denver Nuggets and piston team played soy sauce foreign aid Walter amp; middot; Sharpe, strength significantly than squad under threat of strong to strong, Guangxi Wei Zhuang had reversed the opportunity. Unfortunately, the critical moment the lip. p does not aid, defeated, currently ranked at the end of the Nanjing Military Region team, such as the antidote to the Guangxi Wei Zhuang eyes: the team Mechanical Mod and RDA needed a victory to get back the feeling,
the coach also need to a victory for their own decompression. After all, the last round of Weizhuang conceded, currently 3 wins and 6 losses ranked sixth, the situation is not optimistic. E-CIGARETTE CHINA p game after the war, Wei Zhuang team really played very tough, in aid of Ryan amp; middot; under the help of Richards quickly opened the score. But th
e second quarter, Ryan in a scraping sprain, left the stadium, but also to the home court crowd poured a pot of cold water. no foreign aid to the Guangxi men’s basketball team can continue to lead? Under the leadership of veteran players, the team gave the answer, third points difference was expanded to 20 points, the final Guangxi team to 14 points advantage to defeat the opponent, defending the home. coach p after the game and lose the game of team of Nanjing said that coach Liang said, to lose in reason, both sides strength gap, Guangxi team played particularly And Chen Zhaosheng Guangxi coach is on the state of the team is not satisfied, the game despite winning the problem is than lose more, rebounds, scraping. The team slowly in accordance with the requirements of the Hot E Cig kits transformation, take over the team is more hasty, the players with me still running in, the process is always uncomfortable, I always feel that we have a little difference. In fact, to win the other side is not worth a good summary, we need to sum up their own. the game Weizhuang although the win, but hurt the only team of foreign aid. It was revealed that Ryan is more serious injury, after a few days of a game can not remains to be seen, the game winning 32 points Le quarter may will continue as the team Optimus Prime. Chen Zhaosheng said, the ability of the season to put in place, the game his state is not good, playing a good game to get 40 points. Season in which team is the team behind the scenes hero, but I want to push him onto the front, to drive the team to E-CIG CHINA other people. where there is a Guangxi news network or Guangxi sports channel manuscript, are Guangxi news network exclusive rights to all, without permission is not reproduced or mirror, authorized reprint must specify the source for the Guangxi news network or Guangxi sports ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA channel.

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